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Tony Sale, who rebuilt Colossus at Bletchley Park, has died.

I'm especially sad about that, as I was lucky enough to have met him on a recent visit there, and he was kind enough to talk our group through at length on how Colossus worked, as well as how he went about rebuilding it. He still seemed full of energy and enthusiasm about not only the work at Bletchley, but computers in general and the role the UK played in their early development.

He also worked for MI5, the RAF, and set up The National Museum of Computing.

I recommend that anyone reading this, if you haven't already, have a look at the BBC article, and also Tony's own site linked at the bottom of the BBC page, (which sadly has quite a few broken links that I guess may not be fixed now) about Colossus and some of his other exploits.

Strange that I've signed up for this at a time when I both have more going on than usual, but no time to really write much about it all. Not sure how much I want to put on here either, but I suppose I'll keep the more personal stuff to friends + family, and the rest will be updates on any random projects I might be faffing with...
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