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Trilingual Children
Tips on raising bilingual and multilingual children in a multilingual family
Tips on raising bilingual and multilingual children in a multilingual family

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Russian Language Resources For Kids. Лучшие ресурсы для поддержания и развития русского языка у детей билингвов.
Судьба вас забросила далеко от ваших родителей, ваших друзей детства. И вот теперь и вы родитель и воспитываете маленького билингва или трилингва, как я, или даже мультилингва, у которого русский один из родных языков. Вы наверное уже почувствовали, что про...

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Speech delay due to fluid collection in the middle ear.
Speech delay is often connected to /“blamed” on a child's gender or on the quantity of languages a child is exposed to. It is true that trilingual children definitely face more challenges than bilingual children do and bilingual children face more challenge...

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Best Practices for Supporting Child's Minority Language Development in a Multilingual Family
“Руль” (Rul’) is the first word my son said almost 7 years ago. It means a
steering wheel in Russian. Back then I had lots of doubts whether or not
I would succeed in passing on my heritage language and raising a
trilingual child. I had exactly same worries...

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Christmas Traditions in Italy.
We live in Italy and Christmas is my kids’ favourite holiday because of the magic of the Christmas tree’s lights and, of course, because of lots of presents that Santa Claus brings them! Christmas in Italy is celebrated on 25th of December, as in other cath...

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Fun Activities and Mouth Exercises for Toddlers' Clear Speech Development.
I watched the wonderful work that my child's Speech Language Pathologist
(SLP) was doing and I noticed that many pronunciation problems can be
prevented, if parents act early and stimulate child's tongue and mouth
muscles development. I talked about it w...

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Letter learning activity with a multilingual twist.
This post is a part of the ABC’s series. Today's letter is "L" and !"L" is for "Letters"! Since I raise trilingual children that speak Italian, Russian and English, I thought of offering you some letter learning activity with a multilingual twist. Just thin...

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Good Reads - Fairy tales from a travel suitcase by S. Sakharnov- Age 5+
Your child will definitely enjoy reading the book called “Fairy tales from a travel suitcase” - wonderful stories collected by Svjatoslav Sakharnov during his travel around the world. The stories come from England, Nigeria, Africa, Efiopia, Tanzania, Ali...

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Easy way of teaching your bilingual kids to write in a minority language.
I try to follow my kids' natural interests as I teach them languages. I started introducing letter sounds while reading books and worked on letter - sound recognition day after day through introduction of different activities.
Both of my kids learned ho...

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Good Reads: Forest Fairy Tales by Nikolay Sladkov. Лесные Сказки. Николай Сладков
If you’d like your child to love nature, read him or her these short stories by Nikolay Sladkov. In this book nature can breath and animals can talk and think aloud. The author attentively describes everything he saw himself while walking in the Russian woo...

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How is it to grow up bilingual in a bilingual city? Interview.
Interview with Dani Lechner, who grew up in a bilingual city and  is bilingual from birth. Question 1: How is it to grow up bilingual in a bilingual city? I grew up on the east coast of Canada in a bilingual city. French and English were a part of my home, ...
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