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When TRUST is go-------
         When Trust Is Gone When trust is gone relationships
becomes dysfunctional Society no longer has a
foundation on which to stand Losing its backbone no longer
are our words our bond Whereby society is left
standing on sinking sand From one moment to ...

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Hands in the ear Hands in the Ear
Hands in the ear, Hands in
the ear Hands in the ear Hands in the
ear Everywhere you look you can
see hands in the ear Crossing the streets with
their hands in the ear Driving their cars with their
hands in the ear Hands in the ear Hands in the
ear You don’t...

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Heart on Wings of A bUTTERFLY

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 On the wings     Of a butterfly Let your heart fly On the wings of a butterfly Take the load off your heart On wings of a butterfly let your
heart fly sky high Hitch your heart on a
butterfly wings It will sing as it rise high
into the sky See your heart s...

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Traffic Jamming
    Traffic Jamming Traffic jamming as if it’s a
snail pace grand prix Nothing but traffic for as
far as your eyes can see It’s another holiday long
weekend and everyone’s unhappy On the road going nowhere
fast as traffic crawls endlessly On top of a pick u...

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M Mother.

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Music let the rhythm move you.
Music let the rhythm       Move you Music let the rhythm move you You can feel it stirring deep
in your soul Out of control it’s now
moving you Uncontrollably you are beginning
to rock and roll Impossible it will not allow
you to stand still Its sweet music...

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The time for        Hesitation. The time for     Hesitation   Is no longer          Available! ACT NOW Anthony S.Phillander

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Lovexurious Perfume!

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