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Bicolor Wrasse Cleaner Fish
The Bicolor Cleaner Wrasse is a unique, reef-safe aquarium fish that plays an important role to help maintain a healthy, parasite-free ecosystem in a community tank. To most aquarist, they are somehow regarded as the ideal, must-have “ cleaner fish ” not on...

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Schooling Pajama Cardinal Fish
If you are looking for active, schooling marine fish to grace your home aquarium, then the Pajama Cardinalfish (Scientific name: Sphaeramia nematoptera ) would be perfect for your plan. Being relatively inexpensive, you can get any aquarium-bred fine specim...

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Make Money off Fishkeeping Hobby
We often find ourselves spending a lot of money for our pets and most of the time; we find it’s pretty hard to keep up with the spending especially with the increasing cost of fish foods, electricity, water test kits, and medicine. So despite all that, the ...

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Identifying & Naming Different Platy Types
There are different variants or types of platy fish each characterized by its own unique color combination. Even though a quick glance will tell you that each individual colored fish are not similar but generally all of them are still categorized under the ...

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Breeding Ornamental Dwarf Shrimps and General Tank Setup
Dwarf Shrimps seen in freshwater aquariums basically come from two common genera, which are Neocaridina and Caridina . They make excellent household aquatic pets mainly because of their tiny size that will fit in nicely into a nano tank which you can place ...

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Tropical Freshwater Barbs
Taxonomy and Grouping Barbs are freshwater fish that belong to the Cyriniformes (also called Cyprinidae ) group which also includes the danios, loaches , koi, goldfish and rasboras, all belonging to the same family. Most of the barb species are important ga...

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Invertebrate-Compatible Marine Fish
Getting Invertebrate-Compatible Marine Fish allows you to establish a community tank housing different species of living organisms that will coexist and tolerate each other without causing any harm or injury to the other. The idea of a perfect natural reef ...

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What Makes African Tetra Different?
Both the South American and African Tetra belong to the Characin group, and the only difference between them is basically the geographical location which they were originally found. While most of the common tetra fish belong to the South American group , th...

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Studying South American Tetras Needs
The South American Tetras are considered among one of the largest groups of freshwater fish. They are naturally found in rivers with the waters slightly acidic in nature (around region of 6.5, the lower the better, up to 5.8) and the tetras are often associ...

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Exciting New Ways to Keep Pet Fish
Aquarium fish keeping hobby is something dynamic as there are always fun and exciting new ways which you can explore and make the whole experience enjoyable. There are in fact endless new ideas and possibilities which you can try and experiment with, and th...
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