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Mother's Day: What she might want this year...
It’s almost that time again! That’s right, folks! We are a
mere two weeks out from MOTHER’S DAY! That magical day where every mother
remembers the beautiful, miraculous births of her precious angels. That sweet,
full day of being honored and thanked for the...

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MY Kid is THAT Kid
You know how there’s always THAT KID that other parents don’t
want THEIR KID associating with? The one that’s a bad influence, is always in trouble,
has issues with authority, consistently displays poor judgment, maybe dresses a
little too wild, etc. It’s h...

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Child Spacing Pros and Cons
At some point, every couple has to decide on the number and
spacing of their children. Unfortunately, no one actually has any experience or
expertise in the child-spacing arena at the time the decision has to be made,
so it’s mostly guesswork based on those...

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Naming the baby. I swear it’s a more stressful job than
birthing the baby.  You’ve got to find a name that you and your spouse can agree on, a name that the baby will like , a name that will grow with them , a name that
can’t be turned into a taunt , a name...

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You Just Can't
I know I said a couple of weeks ago that I am a super
positive person, but that was clearly either sarcasm or a flat out lie. Today,
I shall prove how incredibly NOT positive I really am by pointing out all the
things one CANNOT DO with a broken foot and ri...

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My Broken Foot's Dream House
If I had known that I was going to break my foot, I’d have
definitely made some preparations. Number 1 on the list would have been LOSE
WEIGHT.  People, let me tell ya-- there’s a reason Jillian Michaels
employs so much jumping and hopping and push-ups in h...

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Don't Be a Sucker!!!
I am a sucker. That has to be it. That has to be the reason that I continue
to be coerced into bringing one or more children with me to do errands that are
often far from kid-friendly.  Daddy is clearly NOT a sucker. When he needs to run to the
store for mi...

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Let's Hope We Don't Have an Emergency
Recently, I started thinking that it would be a good idea to
start preparing my kids for emergency situations: teach them our phone number,
and how to call 9-1-1, and what to do in case a tornado siren or fire alarm
goes off.  It took me all of 5 minutes to...
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