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Geek. Nerd. Weirdo. Trekkie. Soldier. Paratrooper. I'm all of those and a bit more.
Geek. Nerd. Weirdo. Trekkie. Soldier. Paratrooper. I'm all of those and a bit more.


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Pulling all the things I wanted to save, I found the juxtaposition of these too funny. Painfully ironic too.

So I feel like I'm having a brain fart here: Was there not a place (off of G+) that was recently mentioned/shared on here as a place to put your blog link up at?

+Erik Tenkar You always seem to have your finger on the pulse around here, does that seem familiar to you?

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Donno how many are still on here, but I've restarted blogging a bit. If anyone cares to look and let me know what they think:

RPGs -
Wargames -

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Ran my twin boys and sister (5e gamer normally) through Purple Sorcerer’s Nebin Pendlebrooks Perilous Pantry. Kinda to give the rest of the family a break from them playing Smash Brothers on my sisters Wii she brought with her.

They (twins) had a good time and consistently volunteered to open doors and run into rooms. One of the boys took his whole group of peasants in the room with grub, and promptly ran them all back out when it burst up and tried to swallow one of them. The rest of the peasants got to see an epic turn undead moment (the other twin had found the fountain the holy symbol) with critical turn roll, then a max roll on the table. Most of the undead dwarves and Nebin scattered to the corners and left them easy pickings (from an almost max turn time roll).

The fight with the rock behemoth was a series of flubs by the behemoth and good rolls (and burned luck) for the peasants. The wizard was useless and just peaced out after being freed.
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So everybody and their brother is jumping over to MeWe. Have fun with that.

It’s still in the venture capital stage, and the owners are hoping their pro and freemium services will float the free ones. And pay back the venture capitalists. Color me crazy, but I dont see that working out in the long run.

Google tried the idea and look where it ended up.

So, quick question: anyone know of a good box for storing modules in? Like a bigger version of Storm Lord Pub’s digest boxes maybe?

Cleared through +Joseph Teller.

I have two coupons left over from the Privateer Press humble Bundle a while ago, and seeing as I've gotten some good deals here, I'm letting two people have them. One per person (Privateer only allows one coupon anyways).

I have a 50% off Unleashed Adventure Kit - Their intro boxed set for the Warmachine/Hordes RPG.

Also a 33% Off The Undercity Adventure board game.

Can't recall. Whos a moderator? Need to ask a question.

Suggestions for an intro funnel and follow up adventure for a couple twin 7 year olds? Schools about to be out for the three of us and I need to find a way to get them out of my mothers hair, while we visit family for the holidays.
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