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"Tim the Poet", aPoeticTim, zDreamWizzard, zPetmaster, iliketomakewomensmile
I am known as TIMzPoet by over 14,000 on MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube - I recently joined Twitter since I can not answer all of my e-mail I will experiment with using Twitter as a possible answer to my messaging dilemma

Over 14,000 people know me as TIMzPoet 
I am (Tim Stone) aka TIMzPoet
Google "TIMzPoet" you will find About 2,450 results
I am the only "TIMzPoet" on the Internet!

I am known by 5,100+ on MySpace 
3500+ on FaceBook 
4400+ Followers on Google+ 
MySpace lets me use "TIMzPoet" 
FaceBook made me change my name back to "Tim Stone"
But I now also have a new FaceBook Band page as "TIMzPoet"
My arm and legs pics are my Trademark. 
My pics are of my real biceps and my real legs.
my number is 

1-312-788-POET (1-312-788-7638)

I am a Poet - college student - 
amateur video producer
and Freedom Fighter.

I believe in Liberty and Justice for all.

Failure is only Temporary - 
as long as you do not give up. 
BY: TIMzPoet

I have a lot of help videos and I will consider new video suggestions if you message me or leave comments about some of my videos.

Religious Views - Spiritualist - 
I Believe in the Power of Dreaming - 
Faith and magic are almost the same thing. 

Here is another of my poems: 

Hello! I have a lot of friends 
they all think they know me 
I have a lot of friends - yet to each 
I am a different man 
I have a lot of friends 
they all say - that I talk to much 
in this they think - that they all agree - 
yet to each - I am a different man 
and, this they - can not see 
I have a lot... of friends 
they all think they know me 
yet to each I am a different man 
my life has been - a constant change 
yet all my friends say - that I will never change 
I have a lot of friends they all say - come on in 
I can see that you haven't changed 
in this I hope, they mean that they know - 
I will always be their friend 
BY: TIMzPoet

TIMzPoet's YouTube Channel

Own Your Friends (MySpace Pet game) videos

Sande­fjord Downtown
Norway and surroundings

You Appear To Be A Dream

I don't know what to say - to you
you appear to be a dream

yet your beauty is so real

your voice is sweet and caring
you look so bold and daring

your smile is disarming
you apear to be a dream

I wonder how you realy are
I wonder what you hope and dream

I wish to know and share your life
do you want a friend for life

even if I knew darkest side
I still want you at my side 

your friend I want to be 
come and walk with me

you appear to be a dream
please come and dream the dream 

with me

no one is perfect - but, 
you appear to be a dream

yes I am,
a dreamer

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Chrome TV Live TV around the world.

BY: TIMzPoet

DreamGirl I see you in the shadows 
I see you in the light 
I feel you close to me I feel you in the night 
I hear you whisper - When I am awake 
I hear you speak to me - When I am asleep 
I feel you close to me - When I am awake 
I feel you next to me – When I am asleep 
Everyday I remember - Your Love 
Every night I feel - Your Love 
When I am awake - And you are near - 
I know Your Love 
When I am asleep - I feel your love 
When I am awake - And you are far - 
I remember Your Love 
And when I fall asleep - I hear Your Love - 
Call out to me 
So I dream of you and me 
I dream of our future 
I dream of our past 
I dream of what should be 
And I dream you are with me 
Everyday and every night - I send you my love Dreamgirl I hope you hear me - Call your name Dreamgirl I hope - That you feel me - In our dreams Dreamgirl hear me- As I dream of you, 
And send my love 
Dreamgirl feel me- Next to you, 
As you wake and sleep 
Dreamgirl – I hope you feel me- In our dreams Dreamgirl I will - Be with you soon! 
Dream of me, And I will - Dream of you! 
Wish for me - As I wish - For you! 
Soon we will - Do much more - Than dream Dreamgirl – I love you 

Poetry By: TIMzPoet
the MP3 recording is at this link​poet

~*DREAM GIRL*~ Now in Norwegian 

Thanks To 

(Maggie Cassandra Warner)


Drømmejente - Kan du høre meg?

 Jeg ser deg i skyggene - Jeg ser deg i lyset

Jeg føler deg nær meg - Jeg føler deg i natten

Jeg hører deg hviske - Når jeg er våken

Jeg hører deg snakke til meg - Når jeg sover

Når jeg sover - Føler jeg deg nær meg

Når jeg er våken - Føler jeg deg ved siden av meg

Hver eneste dag husker jeg - Din kjærlighet

Hver eneste natt føler jeg - Din kjærlighet

Når jeg er våken - Og du er nær - Vet jeg at du elsker meg

Når jeg sover - Selvom du er langt borte - Føler jeg din kjærlighet

Når jeg er våken - Og du er langt borte - Husker jeg din kjærlighet

Og når jeg sovner - Hører jeg din kjærlighet - Rope på meg

Så jeg drømmer om deg & meg - Jeg drømmer om fremtiden vår -

Jeg drømmer om fortiden vår

Jeg drømmer om hva vi burde være - Og jeg drømmer at du er her hos meg

Hver eneste dag & hver eneste natt - Sender jeg deg min kjærlighet

Drømmejente - Jeg håper at du hører meg - Rope navnet ditt

Drømmejente - Jeg håper at du føler meg - I våre drømmer

Drømmejente - Hør meg mens jeg drømmer om deg - Og sender min kjærlighet

Drømmejente - Føl meg - Ved siden av deg

Mens du er våken & mens du soverDrømmejente - Jeg håper at du føler meg - I våre drømmerDrømmejente - Jeg vil være sammen med deg - Snart

Drøm om meg - Og jeg vil - Drømme om deg

Håp for meg - Som jeg håper for deg

Snart vil vi gjøre mye mer enn å drømme

Drømmejente - Jeg elsker deg

 Translated By: *-Maggie-* 

For Tim The Poet

Maggie Cassandra Warner 

is my "DreamGirl"

You Appear To Be A Dream

I don't know what to say 
- to you

you appear to be a dream
yet your beauty is so real

your voice is sweet and caring
you look so bold and daring

your smile is disarming
you apear to be a dream

I wonder how you realy are
I wonder what you hope and dream

I wish to know and share your life
do you want a friend for life

even if I knew darkest side
I still want you at my side 

your friend I want to be 
come and walk with me

you appear to be a dream
please come and dream the dream 

with me

no one is perfect 
but, you appear to be a dream

yes I am,
a dreamer

Love is This

"Love is"
BY: TIMzPoet

Love is give and take
to refuse a gift - is not love

a giver always has a need
to accept a gift - is love 

Love is a gift
Love has a need 

genuine acceptance
strengthens love 

Love is
a double eged sword 

Love is strength
Love is fair

Love is truth
Love is respect

Love needs faith
Love needs desire

Love is concern - for self
as well as others

Original poetry by (Tim the Poet)

"The Visit" or "Lover's Re-united"

Pounding heart - brought back to life
Here she comes - she who is my life
Her glowing smile - brings joy to my soul
Here she is - she who makes me whole

Hungry eyes - sparkle with fire
Eyes full of sparkle - scream their desire
Eager hands - grasp the fire
Liquid smile - molten lips

Lead on - to the firey hips
Slippery hot - time to rock
Pounding echo - in my head
Throbing to - the heartbeat

Time to rock - no way to stop
Come with me - hop on top
Agressive kiss - from my miss
Lonely ears - devour the sounds

Quivers - shivers, river and stream
Lead on - oh beautiful dream
We are - a team
Forever I Dream

Original poetry by (Tim the Poet)

"I dream a reoccurring mystery"

Sweet smell of victory
A wild taste of Fantasy

A vast wonderland is my history
Our future is a possibility
On the edge of current history

I see a mysterious fantasy
Of a beautiful mutual history
Come dream this dream with me

Let's chase future fantasy
All the way to reality
And share the mystery

Come seek with me
Reoccurring shared victory 

Is it you – are you the mystery

Of which - I dream

Much more soon

added Sept 3, 2011

TIMzPoet’s Original Poem 

"Question the Answers" 

Lost man - Angry at society,

I still have, good, in, me – Dr Jekel - Mr Hyde

I want to help - I want to kill –

I don't like the gangsters,

I don't like the police

I don't like the lawmakers,

I don't like the judge –

There is a problem – with society,

hysterical, history, mysterious, theology –

The problem is hard to see –

society - mob mentality - sentimental history

society is in confusion,

society jumps to conclusion

mob mentality is taking over –

The individual is afraid, to speak –

that which, might, be unpopular

The Emperor has no clothes!

I want to strike out - I want to do good

I have to resist –

I must insist –

society is a mess –

you know I don't lie.

politicians good intentions,

do more harm, than good 

when, we blindly follow –

Their good intentions.


always Question

the man of goodintentions.

Ask him, how, he found, his answers,

ask him, if, he, really – knows, the truth

just, because, he has, good intentions

doesn't mean, he knows, the truth!

politicians, are society’s doctors –

but a politician, doesn’t, need a degree

politicians preach, their cures

and the multitudes hope

society is often misled,

by zealousness, and true sincerity.

good intention, is the first step.

intelligent thought, is the next step.

Question, the man, who says –

I, have the answer!

if, his intentions, are, truly good –

Then Question his Answers!


Poems in Norwegian

By TIMzPoet

"aLot of friends" BY: Tim Stone aka TIMzPoet

Now in Norwegian

Thanks To (Maggie Cassandra Warner)

Jeg har mange venner

Hallo! Jeg har mange venner

Alle tror de kjenner meg

Jeg har mange venner

Men for hver en av dem er jeg en ulik mann

Jeg har mange venner

De sier alle at jeg snakker for mye

De tror alle at de er enige om dette

- Men for hver en av dem -

Er jeg en ulik mann

Og det vet de ikke

Jeg har mange venner

Alle tror de kjenner meg

Men for hver en av dem

Er jeg en ulik mann

Livet mitt har vært -

En stor forandring

Men alle vennene mine sier -

At jeg aldri vil forandre meg

Jeg har mange venner

Alle sier - Kom inn

Jeg kan se at du ikke har forandret deg

Jeg håper at de mener

At de vet at - Jeg vil alltid

Være deres venn


Original poem BY: TIMzPoet

oversatt av (Maggie Cassandra Warner)


Original poem BY: TIMzPoetOriginal dikt av: Tim dikteren.

oversatt av (Maggie Cassandra Warner)


I hope you like this.

Håper du liker dette.  

I am trying to learn the Norwegian language.

Jeg prøver å lære det norske språket. 

I can chat in Norwegian but I can not speak Norwegian.

Jeg kan chatte på norsk, men jeg kan ikke snakke norsk.


Jeg er veldig spesiell - Du er så fin
Jeg er så heldig - Fordi du er bare min
Du gjorde meg spesiell - Nå vil jeg bli fin
Vi har åpnet hverandres øyne
Vi har oppdaget ny vin
Jeg er bare din - Du er bare min
Translated BY: Maggie for TIMzPoet

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I now have over 4,300 followers on G+, over 3,535 Friends on FaceBook and over 5,100 friends on MySpace
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Chicago, IL
Chicago - Phoenix AZ - Portland ME


TIM Stone

Shared publicly  - 
Google's revised its flagship stock Android tablet. New look, newest version of Android (4.3). Dieter Bohn takes a look.
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TIM Stone

Shared publicly  - 
So I'm of two minds on this.

First -- I think the price point is absolutely right. The only thing better would be to bundle this with the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 devices.

Second -- I think selling a dongle, especially a dongle that can't act without using another device with it, is going to be tricky. Set-top boxes, as bad as they are for so many reasons, are somehow an easier sell because at least with them, you get a full interface and it can run independent of your phone or tablet. 

That said -- if this functionality would ship inside TVs and become a defacto open AirPlay standard of sorts, that could be huge.

As always, the success or failure of Chromecast will depend on the amount of content it will support. Mirroring stuff from Chrome is great. YouTube and Netflix support is a huge boon too. But we'll need to see major adoption from all the major non-Apple video and music services for this to really work.

We'll see. It's certainly ballsy. The price is right. I just hope they can sign on additional partners as soon as possible and get this embedded into other systems by CES.
Google announced its answer to the Apple TV and AirPlay, the Chromecast.
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TIM Stone

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[He Did it!!!]
...LITTLE COLORADO RIVER, Arizona | Sun Jun 23, 2013 11:59pm EDT
(Reuters) - Daredevil Nik Wallenda completed a historic high-wire walk on a 2-inch (5-cm) steel cable over the Grand Canyon on Sunday and was greeted by wild cheers after his hair-raising stunt.

Wallenda, the self-described "King of the High Wire," took 22 minutes and 54 seconds to walk 1,400 feet across the crimson-hued canyon with just a distant ribbon of the Little Colorado River beneath him. The event was broadcast live around the world.

Wallenda, the first person to cross the canyon, made the walk without a tether or safety net.

Wallenda could be heard praying almost constantly during the walk, murmuring "Thank you, Jesus." He kissed the ground when he reached the other side.

"It took every bit of me to stay focused that entire time," Wallenda said. "My arms are aching like you wouldn't believe."

He said he stopped and crouched down twice, first because of the wind, the second because the cable had picked up an unsettling rhythm.

He spat on his hands and rubbed it on the sole of his shoe for grip as the cable had gathered dust.

Wallenda said the walk was stressful. But he also said the view, from 1,500 feet above the snaking river, was "breathtaking."

"It was a dream come true," Wallenda said of the crossing. "This is what my family has done for 200 years, so it's part of my legacy."

A seventh-generation member of the "Flying Wallendas" family of acrobats, Wallenda also made history last year by becoming the only person to complete a high-wire walk over the brink of Niagara Falls. He used the same cable on Sunday.

The 34-year-old first dreamed of Sunday's challenge during a visit to the Grand Canyon with his parents as a teenager.

There was no word on the financial benefits of Wallenda's stunt. He was listed by the Discovery Channel as one of the executive producers of the live broadcast. A Discovery spokesman could not be reached for comment.

Viewers watching live in 217 countries were able to share Wallenda's point of view from the cable during the crossing, through cameras rigged to his body. Wallenda held a 43-pound (20-kg) balancing pole.

Nik's great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda, slipped and fell to his death from a high wire in Puerto Rico in 1978.

In an interview after Sunday's walk, Nik Wallenda teared up describing how he thought of his great-grandfather.

"I knelt down and I thought of my great-grandfather and that everything I do is to honor him," Wallenda said. "It took my mind off all this movement underneath me ... and I was able to focus on him and regain composure."

Wallenda said before the crossing that his greatest concern was the unpredictable wind gusts that are prone to buffet the site in a remote section of the Grand Canyon's watershed on the Navajo Nation.

Wallenda trained in his Florida hometown of Sarasota as Tropical Storm Andrea barreled ashore. He also used air boats to blast him with side and updrafts of 55 miles per hour.

Wallenda talks about his Christian faith in his new book "Balance."

"That's really where I get my peace," he said. "I have confidence that if something were to happen to me, I know where I'm going."

For a future stunt, Wallenda said he dreams of walking between New York's Chrysler Building and Empire State Building.
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TIM Stone

Shared publicly  - 
In 2012, when the ice reached its lowest extent on record at 3.4 million square kilometres (1.3 million square miles), 46 ships used the new route, compared with only four in 2010, according to Rosatomflot, a Russian operator of icebreakers. 
The traffic is still negligible compared with traditional routes. Ships transit the Panama Canal 15,000 times a year, while passing through the Suez 19,000 times. But the future looks promising. 
The volume of goods transported along the Northern Sea route is likely to grow strongly in the coming years, from 1.26 million tonnes last year to 50 million tonnes in 2020, according to the Norwegian Shipowners' Association. 

Kirkenes, whose 3,400 inhabitants live in nearly uninterrupted darkness during the winter months, is suddenly preparing frantically for the expected boom. 

The Tschudi Shipping Group plans to open a logistics hub measuring the equivalent of 200 football fields in a fjord nearby that is held ice-free all year by the warm Gulf Stream. 

The port's location is extremely strategic. It is nine days' travel from both the Pacific and the Mediterranean, and close to major oil and gas deposits in the Arctic, as well as mines in northern Sweden and Finland. 

Twenty six of the ships that traversed the Arctic Ocean between Europe and Asia last year were carrying hydrocarbons, while six were transporting iron ore or coal. 

The new route also opens up an interesting market for liquefied natural gas (LNG) extracted in the Barents Sea, especially after North America, the customer that local companies initially had in mind, has turned away following a decision to use its own shale gas. 

On the other hand, Asia's appetite for gas has increased after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan in 2011, and prices there are significantly higher than in Europe. 

Adding to the lucrative nature of the trade, each ship transporting LNG by the northern route can do it at close to $7 million cheaper rates, than vessels going through the Suez. 

Traditional goods traffic, however, is not realistic in these latitudes, according to Tschudi Shipping. 

"The big trading routes in dry bulk shipping are located too far south for the Northern Sea route to become relevant," said Henrik Falck, the company's project manager for Eastern Europe. 

And "we can forget about containers," he added, noting that owners preferred traditional routes with stops at densely populated cities along the way. 

In a fragile ecosystem that is the source of immense worry among environmentalists, Russia plays a central role in assisting navigation with icebreakers. 

It has also decided to establish 10 bases along its coast to redress the current abject lack of infrastructure. 

Admitted last month as an observer in the Arctic Council, China also wants to be part of the game. 

After the first transit of its icebreaker Snow Dragon last year, the world's second-largest economy now plans to send its first commercial shipment along the northern route this summer. 

Between 5 and 15 per cent of Chinese international trade could take this new road by 2020, the director of the Polar Research Institute of China, Yang Huigeng, was quoted as saying in the media.
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TIM Stone

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By Kevin McGill, AP
NEW ORLEANS — NASA officials in New Orleans publicly unveiled a new, three-story-tall cylindrical structure Friday that is a key component in constructing heavy-lift rockets for the nation's space program.
It's called the "vertical weld center." The heavy metal framework holds state-of-the-art automated welding equipment, around which The Boeing Co. will build a major component of rockets for NASA's new Space Launch System: the "core stage" of the SLS rockets.
Each core stage will be more than 200 feet tall with a diameter of 27.5 feet. Each will be assembled in sections around the vertical weld center. Each stage will have nine sections made of eight individual curved aluminum panels welded together by the machinery that glides up and down within the cylinder — "a quarter mile's worth of welding," in the words of Boeing executive Rich Navarro, who spoke at Friday's ribbon cutting.

Artist illustration of the Vertical Weld Center.

NASA and Boeing officials, joined by local government officials, held the ribbon-cutting in a building that holds the new machinery at the Michoud (mih-shoo) Assembly Facility in eastern New Orleans.
The Michoud facility was chosen by NASA in 2011 to manufacture SLS components — a much-needed boost to the area's economy after the end of the space shuttle program. Michoud employed thousands in the 1980s constructing the huge external fuel tanks for the shuttles.
Currently about 250 people are working on the SLS program at Michoud. That is expected to grow to between 400 and 500 as the project progresses, said Kim Henry, a public affairs officer for the Space Launch System. She said the current contract calls for two core stages to be built at Michoud.
NASA unveiled plans for the Space Launch System in 2011, describing a rocket that could take people or cargo into deep space on long-duration missions. Diagrams show a rocket resembling those NASA relied on before the space shuttle program. But it is to be more powerful, — "the most powerful rocket in history," according to NASA.
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Have him in circles
5,495 people

TIM Stone

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Google's revised its flagship stock Android tablet. New look, newest version of Android (4.3). Dieter Bohn takes a look.
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TIM Stone

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TIM Stone

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...A new electric bus system does away with ugly overhead power lines and replaces them with next-generation “flash” boosting technology that keeps the vehicle charged along its route.
Articulated electric buses that are part of the system have laser-guided arms on their roofs that align with fast-charging receptacles at bus stops. Onboard batteries can be charged in 15 seconds with a 400 kilowatt boost at every third or fourth stop, topping off the vehicle’s battery until it reaches the end of its route. These batteries store power delivered from the electrified bus stops and through regenerative braking. At the end of the line, the bus receives a three- to four-minute full charge.

The project, called TOSA, is first being deployed on a pilot basis in Geneva, Switzerland, where its builders say it will meet the needs of high capacity, high frequency bus routes during rush hours. Geneva’s transit authorities say the power for the TOSA system will be generated through hydropower, meaning the buses will not produce carbon dioxide and the enterprise will fit into the city’s sustainability plans.
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TIM Stone

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On June 20, 2013, at 11:24 p.m., the sun erupted with an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection or CME, a solar phenomenon that can send billions of tons of particles into space that can reach Earth one to three days later. These particles cannot travel through the atmosphere to harm humans on Earth, but they can affect electronic systems in satellites and on the ground. Experimental NASA research models, based on observations from NASA's Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory and ESA/NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory show that the CME left the sun at speeds of around 1350 miles per second, which is a fast speed for CMEs.

Earth-directed CMEs can cause a space weather phenomenon called a geomagnetic storm, which occurs when they funnel energy into Earth's magnetic envelope, the magnetosphere, for an extended period of time. The CME's magnetic fields peel back the outermost layers of Earth's fields changing their very shape. Magnetic storms can degrade communication signals and cause unexpected electrical surges in power grids. They also can cause aurora. Storms are rare during solar minimum, but as the sun's activity ramps up every 11 years toward solar maximum -- currently expected in late 2013 -- large storms occur several times per year.

In the past, geomagnetic storms caused by CMEs of this strength and direction have usually been mild.

In addition, the CME may pass by additional spacecraft: Messenger, STEREO B, Spitzer, and their mission operators have been notified. If warranted, operators can put spacecraft into safe mode to protect the instruments from the solar material.

Source: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
glenn archer's profile photoFarhad Abdolian's profile photo
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TIM Stone

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[Mystery Solved? could this guy be correct? Maybe I can find a video of this guy's experiment]
...Lorenz developed a kitchen-table model — using an ordinary Tupperware container — to show how the rocks might glide across the surface of the lake bed.
"I took a small rock and put it in a piece of Tupperware, and filled it with water so there was an inch of water with a bit of the rock sticking out," Lorenz told
After putting the container in the freezer, Lorenz ended up with a small slab of ice with a rock embedded in it. By placing the ice-bound rock in a large tray of water with sand at the bottom, all he had to do was gently blow on the rock to get it to move across the water.

And as the ice-embedded rock moved, it scraped a trail in the sand at the tray's bottom. Lorenz devised his clever experiment by researching how the buoyancy of ice can cause large rocks, when encased in ice, to move by floating along tidal beaches in the Arctic Sea. ...
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