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The title of this post could also be called "How I Was Offered a Bribe to Withdraw My Review" So, I recently had an shitty experience with a seller called Unbeatablesale, Inc . on Amazon. I had been looking for an affordable 4-Bay, hard drive docking statio...

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Classic Binge
So, a few weeks ago, Stephen Furst passed away. We immediately brought out our Babylon 5 DVDs, and made a little shrine with my Earth Alliance and Psi Corps pins.  This weekend we started watching the series again. Watching it always makes me think of this ...

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Weekend Activity
So, this weekend Jennifer and I attacked our "office".  It's mainly her craft room, but I do stuff in there as well. I spent some time and reorganized the acrylic paint drawer putting them in ROYGBIV-ish order.  Now we have a drawer of regular colors, and a...

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And Now, Some Sad News...
I had a bit of an accident last week.  My phone mount for my bike snapped off when I was going home.  I hit the transition from the parking lot to the street and it just snapped. And what's worse, as I was realizing what happened, I wasn't able to stop in t...

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Let's Talk Revolights
So for Christmas I was given Revolights.  I picked them up in March because they were still in production, and now I'm enjoying them on a daily basis. last week I started having an issue with my front light.  When I hit a bump it would light up all around, ...

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Pet Peeve
So, here's my first world problem: clothing tags. T-shirts Underwear Pants (specifically Levi's) Shirts They are made from some of the most uncomfortable material around.  Or at least parts of them.  The ones that seem to have been cut with a hot blade to m...

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Movie Anniversaries
So, decades are big for us because we've got ten fingers and so use base ten. I found out early in the year that there are two films that were big influences on my life that have nice round numbers associated with the time since their first release.  Today ...

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Reading in 2016
Yeah, I'm a little behind on tracking my reading. Here's what I read last year: Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom - Cory Doctorow - ** Time Siege - Wesley Chu - ** Death by Cliche - Bob Defendi - ** Wonder Woman: The True Amazon - Jill Thompson - **...

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Give Me a Reading
So, last weekend, Jennifer and I did some home framing of my collection of tarot decks.  We'd talked about it in the past, but had just kept putting it off.  We tried a few options and finally came up with something that we were both happy with. The work go...

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SLO Hiking
So, yesterday afternoon I went for a hike up Cerro San Luis Obispo . It only took me 7 months...  Well, the hike took me an hour up, and forty minutes down, but it took me 7 months to get off my butt and do the hike . If you're looking at the above link, I ...
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