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Hey, I'd like to suggest some improvements:

1) I use a hardware keyboard with my tablet (google pixel C) and I'd like to be able to use tab to indent

2) if I edit the title of the document from within the document, It should change the name of the document when browsing through files.

keep up the amazing work, I love the app!
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Thanks for the feedback, am planning to implement both of these features.
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does anyone know what the current state of the free floating windows feature is? totally willing to wait, but I figured I'd ask since I feel most people here are likely more informed than myself, and any form or update that might be available would be nice.

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Christen Edmundson

Feature Requests  - 
Definitely not something that will make a difference to many people, so obviously not any kind of priority, but I'd like to see better support for hardware keyboards and mice, some things that would be really nice would be:
- Keyboard shortcuts
- left click (on app or widget to bring up actions for that app or widget, or on blank space to pull up the view from where you can change wallpapers, access Nova settings, and select widgets)
- left click on persistent search bar to open Google app

like I said, far from useful to a lot of people, but it would definitely make Nova feel more like a 100% replacement for a stock Android launcher

Keep up the awesome development work guys!
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Christen Edmundson

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Hey, +Alex Lionne I'm I huge fan of your MD Avatars project. I hate to be that person who asks about things they don't understand, but I was wondering if you have any sort of plan for the a release of an apk or beta play store release, or anything of that nature. (I've still yet to get into android development, so I don't know if or how I would go about testing what you currently have available on Github, so I just figured I'd ask)

Keep it up, I'm a huge fan of your work!

Christen Edmundson

Help & Support  - 
Hey Papyros community, I'm a young (16 years and counting) interface designer and programmer who has been following this project for some time (btw, super excited that we're at 92% now, even if the progress tracker isn't the most realistic representation of the projects progression).

I was wondering if there's any sort of design work still needing to be done? mock ups, wallpapers, etc. anything of that nature? I would really love to contribute, but my software development skills are no where near refined enough for this sort of project.

forgive me if there's part of the github where I could have found that info, I'm not super familiar with github, and I've found it somewhat confusing to navigate.

Thanks guys, can't wait for the alpha, I've already got a spare desktop waiting to be dual booted once the alpha releases!
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+Christen Edmundson Could you please next time click on the reply button, thank you :)
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Christen Edmundson

commented on a channel on YouTube.
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what was it that caused the rapid expansion of the singularity that contained all matter/ why did the singularity expand and cease being a singularity?, in the context of the "big bang" theory? 
You are unrightfully using someone else's work and making people pay for it. Shitheads like you are why it's hard for people to make open source software.
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Thank you very much, your understanding is very much appreciated
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Christen Edmundson

News & Announcements  - 
Okay, so, I figured someone needed to make this update, might as well be me:

PAPYROS IS NOT DEAD. There are a number of large things in progress (not personally a dev, so I wouldn't know all of what exactly), including the ISO for the first public alpha release.

Please do not post, asking if Papyros is dead. If Papyros is decided to not have enough support, the devs will UNDOUBTEDLY make a post stating that they are disappointed to say they cannot continue due to X, Y, or Z reasons.

For those who are working on, or contributing to development, feel free to post updates, those of us who aren't as involved would love to better understand what all is going on;
but for the rest of us, please don't post ask if papyros is dead, without doing anything like checking the github, or looking into it at all: papyros is not dead, and you will undoubtedly hear about it in the case that it does die.

Rant over.
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+Christopher Carr it's totally fine, sorry for the harsh reply, it's just always hard to tell if someone is joking or being an asshole when you're online
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I can't even. This is something I find extremely exciting, can't wait to see the feature pushed to the public beta level!
Android gets a desktop-style floating window mode, and there's even mouse support.
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+Jacob Glander In a lot of ways, I agree, and you're right, the Chromebook Pixel has plenty capable enough hardware to run things such as the Adobe suite, but it's not what it's made for, us graphic designers, we like local storage, and dedicated graphics cards. I feel like android and chrome OS aren't really comparable to linux, osX or Windows, not because it isn't as good, but because it's used for different things. I would take an android tablet or convertible over a windows RT device any day, but android isn't really trying to compete with operating systems that need at least 4gb of RAM, preferably 8 or more, and a 64 bit cpu architecture, or at least it isn't yet. Though, all that being said, I really do also wish that google would step up their game with hardware, but at least for the time being, they don't really have an OS that's well designed for content creation, and I love Android and Chrome OS, but that's really just not what they're well designed for in my opinion (and they're the best at what they are designed for)
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Hey, In the mock-up featured on the website the lower right side of the screen there's an icon for the hard drive, styled after google's material design system icons, would anyone happen to have a source or know where that icon might be available, as of now the official list doesn't have a hard drive icon, and I'm creating a system theme for windows 10 featuring as many material design elements as I can manage without just implementing them where they aren't necessary, and a hard drive icon would be extremely helpful.

(I'd like to dual boot windows since I often need it for school and will undoubtedly often need it for work, and so I'd like to theme it to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, I'll probably post a link here for anyone interested once I'm done or have made significant progress)
Thanks guys~
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+Corbin Crutchley hey, I actually have the materialOS icon pack on my phone, and that sounds like a fantastic idea, I'd love to work together ~
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Hey, I started Following this group when I connected with Mark Samberg for assistance with something for work (modifying a different linux distro so that it would have a number of the features of the Kiosk build of Xubuntu for use with loaner laptops). I'm a teenager and I really enjoy computer/IT work as well as graphic design; I saw that the Fi community could potentially use a new logo given it's relatively low resolution, so I figured I'd make a higher res version since I've got a lot going on and need something different to occupy my mind with. I hope you guys like them, feel free to message me if the Fi Chrome Kiosk group ever needs any graphic design work, I'd love to help~
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I am not a yet dead.
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