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Sissy Van Dyke
It's not just a name, it's a lifestyle. Comedy writer and performer.
It's not just a name, it's a lifestyle. Comedy writer and performer.

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Valentine's Day is coming. May I recommend the best florist in the US? 
Express your emotions this #valentineday  ‬ with ‪#flowers‬ from David Jeffrey Florist. We offer a wide selection of design concepts for you to choose. All of our ‪#‎Floral‬ arrangements are our designs and we never use stock photos on our web site. 805-376-2500

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Off to NaNoWriMo
Happy National Novel Writing Month. If you are like me, and are participating in NaNoWriMo , the reason you are reading this instead of working on your daily writing goal of 1,700 words is... well, self-explanatory. This is my third consecutive year doing N...

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White Lily
What Fassbinder film is it?  The one-armed man walks into a flower shop  And says: What flower expresses  Days go by  And they just keep going by endlessly  Pulling you Into the future Days go by  Endlessly  Endlessly pulling you  Into the future? And the f...

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Butch in Femme Clothing
Breaking up with Quentin was hard to do for several reasons: she didn't want to be friends; she wouldn't stop emailing, calling, and texting me; and, rudeness was totally lost on her. However, thanks to modern technology, I eventually managed to ban, block,...

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Why Can't We Be Friends?
One thing I will never understand is why some women take the words, “I don’t want to date you anymore,” as a challenge to which they respond, “Oh yeah, we’ll see about that.”  Not all women, not most women… in fact, only a very small percent of all the wome...

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Yang - Yang
I mentioned in my last post that I'd started dating, Quentin, a hot woman who I have too much in common with. We're both more yang than yin, but she is way yangier than I am. After two weeks of free meals, doors being held open for me, and having things don...

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Butchier than Thou
I met Quentin on OKCupid after she responded to my profile. She looked really cute in her picture, and we liked a lot of the same music, movies, and books, so I answered her back. I’m not one to spend a lot of time doing the back and forth emails before mee...
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