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The Missing Addressbook
The Missing Addressbook


Addresses v1.2 is now after a long delay in review. It fixes several bugs, most notably the jagged fonts in the contacts view.

Other improvements include use of local language settings for sorting, use of phonetic names for sorting, sandboxing, customizable toolbar and re-orderable columns in the list view.
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Addresses v1.1.1 minor bug fix release has been pushed up to the Mac App Store. The update will fix a bug where the window size was not saved and restored for users who have the "restore windows when quitting and re-opening apps" feature disabled in the general system preferences.

It also address a UI issue which would pop up if you tried to create a new contact in a group which is not located on your default account.

If we are lucky, the update will be out before the end of the week, but it all depends on the reviewers.
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