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Softwareudvikler & Linux-fan!
Softwareudvikler & Linux-fan!

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Hello everybody!
Have anyone tried to adapt Mini Six to a Harry Potter universe alá Broomstix & Kauldronz? If so, got any tips on how that would work?

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How is the support for AMD Radeon RX500-series gpu in Solus? My concern is the older kernel :)

+Daniel Espinosa I'm having huge problems with using GXml 0.10 in an application.
I have builded it from source, but when I compile my application it give me following error :

fatal error: gxml/gxml.h: No such file or directory
#include <gxml/gxml.h>

But I can't seem to figure out how to fix it :(

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You probably heard Fedora 24 released today. Now, dive into what the latest Workstation offers.

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I'm trying to create a EditorTemplate for an object i ASP.NET MVC.
In one view where I'm calling it, it generates id-tags like i should in the HTML, but in another view it doesn't. Anyone know what could be my problem?
In both views create EditorTemplate from a ICollection og my object class.

It seems like autocompletion do not work at all in my Eclipse (when in Ceylon perspective). Is there a special shortcut i need to press or something? :)
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