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CJ Dulberger
Futurist and student of human nature
Futurist and student of human nature

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Here's a list of all the announcements from Google I/O '17

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The talented VR development studio Owlchemy Labs, the makers of Job Simulator, is acquired by Google. 

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Here's the most recent SpaceX landing. Awesome footage.
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Happy Earth Day! Here's a view from a SpaceX mission. 

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German startup Lilium unveils all-electric flying car that utilizes 36 engines for VTOL flight. It has a 300 km range with 300 km/h speed. Demo Video:

Lilium on the web:
Flying cars might be coming afterall.

I noticed this video and article today from Wired Magazine and thought it might be interesting to readers of my book, #ChangeAgent. That's because autonomous versions of these and other aircraft make an appearance and are part of the fabric of modern life by 2045. Seeing the prototypes flying right now in Germany makes that seem all the more real. 

Posted THUR April 20, 2017 (7:15 pm)

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The inside story of Elon Musk's new startup Neuralink

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Google reportedly planning to add an ad-blocker to Chrome and to possibly turn it on by default. Smart move considering how much malware is being served out there.

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Facebook is working on brain-computer interfaces. The project is out of their "Building 8" research group, led by former Googler and DARPA Director, Regina Dugan.

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Self-taught AI beats doctors at predicting heart attacks. The predictions can lead to life-saving interventions like medication or changes in diet.

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Google launches a hub for WebVR content and adds support for its Cardboard headset
WebVR Experiments:
Google's Blog Announcement:
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