"Facebook Founder's Sister says Kill Internet Anonymity" + Counterarguments

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http://j.mp/p5WiHd (Gawker)

"I think anonymity on the Internet has to go away. People behave a lot better when they have their real names down. I think people
hide behind anonymity and they feel like they can say whatever
they want behind closed doors." -- Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook's marketing director

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Counterarguments: "Real Names, Guilt, Self-Censorship, and the Identity War":
http://j.mp/poYMC0 (Lauren's Blog)

Addendum: I've received many positive comments related to my
suggestion that we consider an "escrow" system for holding people's
"real names" in certain situations, so that they would not normally be
publicly viewable. As I've noted, we're talking here about innocent,
good players in this case, not "bad guy" users who will find a way to
subvert any system. I should add that this escrowing arrangement
could be through a separate, trusted, third-party organization, to
eliminate concerns that one company could unilaterally later decide to
change the way they were handling these names.

-- Lauren --
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