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Event/Trend: 2017 Seoul Rose Festival
안녕하세요 ! Hi~ It's been a WHILE since my LAST post, I'm BACK ! How are you guys DOING ? I hope all of you in the PINK of health~ ^^ Its already MAY , almost HALF of the year 2017 , time flies so FAST !O-o Half year GONE !ㅠㅠ As SPRING will CLOSE its CURTAIN so...

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Event: Canola Festival in South Korea?
For 4 SEASONS countries like KOREA , Japan, China and Taiwan, SPRING seasons is a SPECIAL period for them as its mark DOWN the COLD that they experience for few MONTHS . This seasons NOT only the beginning of BEAUTIFUL seasons but overall FAMOUS for CHERRY ...

Hi, I need some help! How to get back to normal setting? This setting is too confusing! I even don't know where to post where is everything!!!@!!!!

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Seasons: Spring 2017 Cherry Blossom? O-o
Hi EVERYONE !^^ Finally its MARCH ! My MONTH . Wee ^^ How are you guys doing? I'm doing GOOD but extremely BUSY these days even though I'm NO longer WORKING now! ㅋㅋㅋ so many THINGS to do at HOME everyday! Still worry about how can I SURVIVE by being UNEMPLO...

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Life/Culture/K-Food : Strange Tea in Korea???
Most of COUNTRIES in EAST NORTHERN of ASIA are RELATED to either BUDDHISM , CONFUCIANISM or TAOISM . You must be WONDER why I suddenly TELLING you this and what is the RELATION between these FAITHS with the TOPIC for TODAY isn't it?? Since these THREE faith...

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Guideline: Expiry Date??? O-o
A YEAR ago, TODAY ( 12/1/2016 ) at this hour I was at AIRPORT waiting for my FLIGHT and I was so EXCITED as its going to be my very FIRST time to build SNOWMEN with my BARE hands!ㅋㅋㅋ However TODAY , I was sitting here in my SMALL room cherish those MOMENT ....

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Throwback#Places: Hwaseong Fortress
Hey guys, HOW are you doing??I bet you guys have a WONDERFUL Christmas isn't it?? ME ?O-o Well I'm NOT celebrate it ㅋㅋㅋ. It's HARD to explain the reasons though. Anyway HAPPY BELATED CHRISTMAS to you guys.ㅋㅋ HOLIDAY mood is still on ^^ and since I have NOTH...

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Seasons: Winter is CALLING!~ First SNOW Seoul~
Finally WINTER seasons officially STARTS in SEOUL !! Wee ^^ YESTERDAY , snowy start FALLING and its was SATURDAY , many people went OUT . ㅋㅋㅋ I CHANGED my PROFILE and COVER photos at my SNS since WINTER mood is ON !ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Some of my FRIENDS been asking WHERE...

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Event: 2016 Seoul Lantern Festival
I've been so BUSY these DAYS perhaps because towards the END of the YEAR so everybody been BUSY . ㅠㅠ I am ENVY with my FRIENDS who are busy TRAVELLING around to COMPLETE their ANNUAL leave, yet I'm still having 5 DAYS off to be FINISHED by 31 December.ㅠㅠ So...

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Event: Gwangju World Kimchi Festival
As WINTER approaching, it's been COLD in Korea LATELY . Some of my Korean friends said its UNPREDICTABLE these days, the temperature can DROP a lot and the next day is fine CHILLING day~As I NEVER been living in 4 SEASONS countries I wonder HOW they manage ...
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