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Something has been getting me pretty angry for the past several months. I tried to avoid writing something like this, but the issues just has been getting more ridiculous. The issue is about the ARMYs vs Every Other Fandom. Most of the arguments on this topic is very against ARMYs. But if you have EVER taken a writing class, the teacher/professor will tell you that you MUST adress the counter argument, or your main argument will mean nothing. I am here to adress this counter argument, and to adress the "anti-ARMYs" in particular. (I know that most fans are mature and don't want to cause trouble and are rational, but I am adressing fans who are NOT)

Oh Lord, where do I begin? Okay, maybe I will make a list, first beginning with:

1. Why are there so many annoying ARMYs?
We have all seen one ARMY talking about BTS somewhere, but many people wonder why there are so many of them. The answer is simple: the BTS fandom is bigger. That's it. That's literally it LOL. Let me give y'all an example:
let's say the ARMYs consist of 6 million fans. Let's say that iGOT7s consist of 4 million fans. Let's say that Carats consist of 3 million fans. (These are like really rough estimates LOL). These three fandoms have fans in around the same age range. Usually, fandoms have a certain percentage of immature fans. Let's say that this percentage is 20% for EACH fandom listed. As you can see, BTS will have  1.2 million immature fans, Got7 has 800k, and Seventeen has 600k. The percentage is the same, but the numbers are different. This means that each fandom is the SAME in terms of maturity. NOW THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART! Immature fans are KNOWN to get online and talk nonsense more than mature fans. So who do we see more of? We see ARMYs BECAUSE they have 1.2 million immature fans rather than 600k immature fans. This causes other fans to think that a higher percentage of AMRYs are immature, when in reality, the percentage is about the same. This is important to remember. EVERY fandom has immature fans. So the next time you say "ARMYs are immature," think about that statement a little bit.

2. Why do they ONLY talk about BTS? Like they don't ever talk about anyone else, on polls, on chats, on anything, they always refer to BTS.
Remember back in 2013 when we saw EXOLs everywhere? Why do you think that was? Back then, EXO was "the group" that pretty much got a whole CHUNK of non kpopers into kpop. Believe me, I was part of that wave. For a long time, I ONLY talked about EXO, because that was the only group I knew of (and BTS). I look back now, and I realize that my other friends who have been kpop fans for a while were probably annoyed that I only talked about EXO, but the unerstood that I was new, and that I would eventually get into other groups (which I did!)
This is exactly what is happening with BTS. Ever since they began their "Most Beautiful Moment in Life" series, new (especially new international) fans have been just rolling in LOL! And I bet you that MANY of them ONLY know of BTS. So before you get triggered when someone says "Suga is the best rapper," actually THINK. Remember when YOU first got into kpop and thought that your first fav group was the best at ANYTHING? Remember? Think about it. Just like with EXOLs, ARMYs will branch out, just give them time because many of them are new to this kpop thing.

Fisrt, let me adress the ARMYs quickly.

1. just refrain from commenting about BTS on non Bangtan vids.
You might have a valid point, but just refrain until things die down.

2. Ignore the haters

3. try to look up other kpop groups if the only group you stan is BTS

4. be warry of comparing
Once again, you might have a valid point, but for now, just DON'T

Now, it's time to adress these "anti-ARMYs"

1. Don't join the hate bandwagon just because you want something to hate
Let me ask you a question: Are you so enraged by the fact that a fan said "this reminded me of this" or are you ONLY so enraged if you see someone say "this reminds me of this BTS-related thing"
I need you to ask yourself this question seriously. When I see a person say "oh his voice reminds me of Jimin" I see others attacking this fan and saying "don't compare two idols." But let's be serious bruh, would you have said that if they said "oh his voice reminds me of VIXX Leo," would you have responded the same? If you answered "no," then, well, I would suggest you stop whatever biased bandwagon you are following. If you ONLY get upset when an ARMY comments, then that is a problem.

2. Saying "this reminds me of-" is NOT the same as saying "I am comparing-" and saying "this looks like BTS" is NOT the same as "they stole this from BTS"
Honestly, learn the difference.

3. You CAN'T say someone's opinion is wrong
You can disagree, but you can't say it's WRONG. An opinion is NOT a fact. If someone thinks J Hope is the best dancer in kpop, I'm gonna disagree, not totally disregard their opinion.

4. Things you shouldn't be triggered by
~Someone saying a BTS joke that is an appropriate response to the event/video (as in, an emotional video came out and someone comments "my hearteu is oh my god"); like, if the ENTIRE kpop fandom knows about a joke (like "Jams" or "Yehet!") Then wHY ARE YOU MAD? LOL
~"ARMY here to support"
~when someone says "this person sounds like--" when they actually OBVIOUSLY sound like some member of BTS

5. BTS=Bangtan or BTS=Behind the Scenes
Y'all. Come on.
Okay but this actually happened today where Amber uploaded a vid on her channel "What the Pineapple" (it's such a gr8 channel AMBER IS AMAZING BTW) and her video has BTS in it. Now I gotta say it took me a minute to remember thw other definition to BTS. And I gotta say, I had no idea that BTS meant behind the scenes until like a year ago. I have never seen "Behind the Scenes" acronymed like that. And a lot of people haven't either. So if y'all are getting ao upset with someone saying an honest statement like "I thought she dis something with BTS" then y'all have issues. Heck, even TWITTER thinks "BTS" means Bangtan so chill y'all.

6. Fabricating stories to give ARMYs a bad rep.
We all know what happened in Sweeden. We all know that the so called fans were being rude. But I have been seeing some stories that blow everything out of porportion. Do y'all really have THAT much time on your hands to be making up stories cuz? Like for real cuz? For real?

7. hating on ARMYs when they haven't even done anything yet/hating on ARMYs that don't mean any harm.
I forget when video I saw, but I saw some elements in the video that reminded me of BTS. but I didn't say anything, and I didn't see any other comments relating to Bangtan. But what I did see were angry anti-fans anticipating and attacking ARMYs for something they didn't even do yet. Like really? Y'all are that bothered? The fact that y'all anticipated ARMYs means that you YOURSELF thought of BTS when seeing these video. So why y'all mad?
Once, someone commented on a "Monsta X Right Now" episode and said that a particular scene reminded her of BTS "Rookie king" and OMG people EXPLODED. I once said "I'm good, I'm done" (a Jungkook reference) on a Taemin teaser, and someone said "leave" like ??????????

10. The Youtube comments section is free for anyone to comment as long as it doesn't harras you, make hateful remarks, or say something illegal. It isn't illegal or life threatening to talk about BTS

9. Unstanning BTS because of the "annoying" fandom
I'm actually laughing at the stupidity. I don't know about y'all, but I stan a group because I love the group. Who gives a CRAP about others? If your choices revolve around OTHER people whom you have NEVER MET, then I don't even know what to tell you, fam. Like, kibbap be keeding me like BRUH. You are throwing away your time and energy spent loving a group because of a group of people. You can stan without necessarily being involved in the fandom, which brings me to my NEXT point...

10. Complaining about others but not changing yourself
Y'all complain so much about seeing annoyinf fans everywhere, yet yall STILL go on the social media platforms where they are, you still provoke them, you still respond to their comments. Y'all, immature fans WANT ATTENTION. YOU ARE GIVING THEM ATTENTION WHEN YOU RESPOND NEGATIVELY, and they respond back with "you got no jams" and that triggers you even more. You know why I don't see any immature fans, because I remove myself from the situation, THAT'S why. Omg y'all try to change yourselves if y'all want to change others. And lastly....

11. Fighting fire with fire creates more..... "FIREEEEEE OH E OH!"
I couldn't help it LOL

If I triggered anyone then... oh well LOL
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