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Wow... I am now suffering from number induced vertigo!
Some Infinities Are Bigger Then Others- Vsauce,Vihart,Minute physics all my favourites have said this so it must be true!!!!!
I don't understand the part where he says "there are no numbers left to be this one's partner" in 1:21. Aren't there infinite integers that can be partnered to a number between 0 and 1?
Guess, it shows that  smallest quantum of number is not recognizable!!
yeah, I don't see how he proved that somehow the integers are going to "run out".  Just add 1!  
if you could pick a fixed point in space-time mark a particle of matter what is the probability of that particle occuping that place in space time again
+gautham A, yes but imagine pairing numbers again.
you can go all the way to pairing every integer with a distinct decimal and not even reach 0.2. And this is just one way to do it.
I would have never thought about something like that! Awesome! 
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