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A marriage proposal by 3D printed robot!! A lovely 'first' for My Robot Nation and our most awesome creator story yet. Check out the whole story on the MRN blog and join us in congratulating Jennifer R and Tom D on their engagement - by robot!

A Squarepusher Iambic 9 Poetry kind of night...

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Is it wrong that I'm giggling hysterically that over 1,500 people have liked My Robot Nation on the Google Chrome post?

So My Robot Nation is doing really well. We are putting out new features and bug fixes almost every night. Quite a change from the "burn the disc and never touch it again" console days.

Less than one year...and yet amazing things happen tomorrow morning.

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The robots are alive!
My Robot Nation is up and live!! We're sneak peeking pre-launch access to for the next 24 hours - come on in with your WebGL enabled Chrome or Firefox browser and you can create your own totally unique robot collectible - and we'll make it REAL for you with gorgeous full-color 3D printing and send it to your door! WebGL+3DPrinting+Robots: one of our fans called it a nerd hat trick :) We've been totally amazed by the AWESOME creations our Beta testers brought into the world - check out these pics and come on up and make your own! We can't wait to see what you create!
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tap...tap...tap... Is this thing still on? Been swamped with My Robot Nation. Awesome printing of robots this weekend and getting closer to a beta test...if you're interested :-)

I have robots. I have weeds to pull. Why doesn't my nation step up and do it for its lord?

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Amazing Siggraph showing off MyRobotNation. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Make it real!

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