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Andy Bell
Student, Geek, Aspiring Video Person, All-Around Good Guy
Student, Geek, Aspiring Video Person, All-Around Good Guy

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I seem to have some issues related to the automatic immersive mode. When bringing the menus back, they cover up part of the hymn, with no ability to scroll any higher.

As a feedback note, I feel like automatically going into immersive mode might be jarring for users who aren't used to apps doing that.

Device specs: OnePlus One, Cyanogen OS 12 (Android 5.0.2)

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Found my first bug in this new beta release. The New Members report isn't showing anyone, even though there should be a few members listed, and they do show up properly in LCR on I cleared the app data, and tested this on all 3 of my Android devices - with the same result.

This will be an incredible update once the bugs are worked out though!

It's hard to believe, but Gmail is 10 years old today! At first I thought it was an April Fool's joke, but then it didn't go away on April 2!
I got my invite (remember when Gmail was invite-only and invites were hard to come by?) on June 27, thanks to +Dan Chilton's kindness giving away invites to random people on his blog.
I've moved on from that Gmail account, but I still use Google Mail on my own domain, and will likely for a long time to come!

+Aaron Allsop did a great job essentially teaching an entire class I was in today. Be sure to check out what he's posting; it's pretty great stuff!

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Check out this review I did of +Double Fine Productions Broken Age!

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My only comment after reading this news is "I wonder when this whistleblower will be prosecuted?"
It seems like it's only a matter of time with this administration's track record.

There are now more than 65,000 Mormon missionaries serving! #LDSConf

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"'Imagine that the Secret Service left the front door of the White House unlocked, forgot to turn on the security system, and then it was discovered that the entire protection detail had gone out to a bar, leaving the president completely unprotected,' says Green. 'That's the analogy that I would give to this particular bug.'"
The Verge calls Apple out on their recent security issues, and Apple really should listen!
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