no question Kony is a slime of the worst unethical kind, spreading awareness is good but this scam goes deep, Invisible Children started in 2005 when oil was discovered in Uganda. JP Morgan Chase Bank Contributed $1 million to the campaign. Connect the dots.

See for yourself

Every campaign whose purpose of existence is to gain awareness has a hidden motive. The facts presented in the campaigns often hold just enough truth to get people emotionally hooked. As in the case of KONY 2012. I was researching these claims about Chase's involvement in the KONY scam, for it clearly is a scam, and it only took a few clicks to land me on sites which are huge supporters the Occupy campaign. This one for example:

The major problem that this video addressed was the fact that people seemed to take the video on face value without feeling the need to do any additional research, i.e. look at the subtext not at the shit thats being thrown in your face... "Fony 2012" is a perfect example of the hypocrisy prevalent in the west.

Truthful facts with musical edge to it-

Moral of the story: Don't join the latest movement. Think for yourself. Stand for what's right. Always do your research.
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