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Zachary Yaro
Geek, gamer, web dev, waver
Geek, gamer, web dev, waver

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The #AndroidO beta on my Nexus 5X reboots in around 30 seconds 😮

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Tonks helped make sure I did not fall back asleep and got to work on time.

TIL Google voice input knows the term “hoopy frood”. #TowelDay

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+PaintZ 2.4.1 brings a ton of fixes and improvements on top of the great features delivered in 2.4:

• Loading spinner appears while PaintZ loads
• Drawing canvas does not appear until PaintZ loads
• Images no longer sometimes load as 0×0px
• Canvas size now appears in the bottom bar (when the screen is wide enough to fit it)
• Pencil tool no longer draws the first pixel in the previous color
• Disabling smooth edges no longer leaves off-color pixels
• Brush tool properly follows the smooth edges setting
• Flood fill tool no longer gets stuck filling an already-filled area
• Color picker library updated with Safari fix

All this and more at !

TIL Safari throws an error if you attempt to use the web storage API in private browsing, and the only way to avoid it is a try/catch. #WebDev

Catching up on The Mobile Web State Of The Union, I have to wonder how many Google apps actually have competitive Lighthouse scores #IO17

Google is opening Android #InstantApps to all developers. Alternatively, the web has let you do the same thing for over 25 years¡ #IO17

Google Maps + Tango + VPS is an example of why I am way more excited for AR than VR. #IO17

Android supports a new programming language! ...and it is one I have never touched 🙁 #IO17

Is Google Play Protect the new Windows Defender? #IO17
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