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Happy New Years!! 2011 was good.. may 2012 be awesome!

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Check out my new "How To" make butter! Easy, fast and fun for the whole family. All you need is cream from the store!

This post is being delivered to you at 1.3 mph... on my treadmill desk!! Built for only $35

I am back from my China adventure! It was a lot of fun and interesting in all sorts of ways. I picked up some cute illustrations that I will post pictures of when I am not so insanely tired.

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I have been adding my online friends to my "illustrator Friends" Circle. ♥

I don't get it...It asked me to upload a picture of myself but did not accept it in that way.. just added it to an album instead. Google + mess up!

I would like to be able to share one picture from one of my albums instead of having to share a whole album. Unless I am just missing it?
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