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Any of you tumblrs??  Just an FYI that I am now on there :)
I just created a tumblr as well for my photography - feel free to follow me or let me know if you are on there as well!!!  99% photography only on there :)

Trying to get back to sleep

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Just sharing these images from my photography page - please circle and comment on the images - I appreciate all feedback :)
All feedback and critiques welcome!!  Local winery
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ok, no more chicken.  The next photowalk that is getting held when I can attend I am going.  Be damned with the fear of strange people.  I am going to keep my eyes open for any that suit me and the first one is booked.  Yes!  Do eett!!

Hi, I just joined this group and thought this was a good place to start.

I am somewhere between an amateur and hobbyist, but I want to network with some other people so I can start getting some of my ideas out of my head and into images.

I currently use a canon EOS 600d, with either my macro or normal lens, occasionally I steal my hubby's zoom lens.

All my images are at and I will start updating my G+ page more again now.

Looking forward to chatting to you all!


Does anyone know of any photowalks on this Saturday night? 4th of may? 

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O.o it's getting close!!!
Plus One Collection Section Timing - QUICK UPDATE + Map!

I know I mentioned we'll release the lineup of artists who made it into #plusonecollection2012  sometime today. But if you are one of the artists, you should have gotten an email from me last week about a delay we ran into with some submissions. So that may delay the release of those names by a day or two.

Sorry about that! I wish we can get it out faster, but it is what it is. We live by technology, we die by technology. It was a real pain actually to get all the submissions in place and I'll have to rethink the process next time. It was far from being error free. 

Anyway. To give you something to cheer about - here's the heat map that is showing where submissions to this year's books are coming from. Well, it covers 80% of you who opened my email and is based on your IP address. If you're in that 20%, and not seeing your country, that means you haven't opened my email. :) 

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please share
Have you lost your precious memories?

I need lots of help please.  While walking in the Arches National Park in Utah on 31st December 2012, I picked up a SD card thinking it fell out of my camera. I have discovered that it is not mine at all and would like to get it back to its owner who seems to be an international traveller as was I. 

The 8GB SD card is completely full and it seems to be more than holiday pics although I have not looked closely except at these two photos that I have chosen to put up and have blurred the face of the woman appearing in both images to protect her privacy - she and her travelling companions will know who they are.

From what I can gather - the tourist visited Las Vegas around the 23rd December travelling via Wirepass Trailhead on the 29th December to reach Arches National Park where they visited on both 30th December and 31st December 2012. I found the SD card on the ground near the carpark of the Windows walking track. 

I am now back in Australia where I would like to get my search started. Please help me to spread the word across the world. I am very happy to send this to the rightful owner.
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Here you go guys!!!  The submission cut off is happening!!!  If you are going to put something in - do it...and then make sure you donate so we can make sure it actually gets off the ground!!  



If you haven't yet submitted an image to #PlusOneCollection2012 , you only have today and tomorrow. Don't wait! If there's a problem with your submission, you may not have the time to fix it. Wednesday evening is a hard deadline. 

Submission instructions and form is here -


Also, some good discussion about the fundraising so far on my G+ post last night. If you haven't seen it, take a look and leave comments if you'd like. Listening to your feedback, here's what we're going to do -  - all image selection for the book will take place this weekend
- I'll post the lineup on Monday
- we'll also introduce a more affordable price point of pre-ordering the book 
- we'll create various promo posters you can use to help us share the news

Questions? Suggestions? Feedback? 

Important links

Submissions instructions -
Book pre-order and fundraising campaign -
Online gallery -


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The start of an obsession :)   Me and photography!
Some of the first photos I ever took that began my photography obsession, on my hubbys camera :)
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