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Queer Poly-saturated and Kinky
Queer Poly-saturated and Kinky

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For free? sure

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Nice article in the W Post about my mother.

Post has attachment My mother passed away last week. While she and I had HUGE differences, she was extremely successful in the man's world of finance and I respect her for that. I will miss her.

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I love this one!

The Onion TOTALLY got it.

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A happy conclusion to xmas!

I haven't moved my N7 2012 from KitKat.

Yes, I'm slow, but that's on purpose. I like to let the early bugs get worked through before migrating.

Sounds like with 5.0.2 Lollipop may have killed most of the those. 

How does 5.0.2 seem to compare with KitKat? Any performance improvements? Does ART seem to help?

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WOW! How to get your skid onto the truck. This guy does a bloody ballet with the tractor.

My Nexus 7(2012) CM11 M10 is no longer crashing when I try to move to the Month view!
Yeah. Thanks 

Crashes when trying to select month view. Nexus 7(2012) CM11 M10
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