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50+ Awesome Tools I Use To Run An Effective Blog by +TwelveSkip 

To run an effective blog, you need to have a great blog design and produce fresh and quality content regularly. You also need to optimize your posts for the search engines and social media networks to increase the visibility of your blog. Takes a lot of time and effort, right?

In order to these well, you need to find the right tools - the tools that will make blogging easier, quicker and more fun!

In this post, I'll share the various tools, apps and resources I use to boost my creativity and shape my blog, read here:

Question: What are the top blogging tools you can't live without? Pop them in the comments below!

Tools listed that are on Google+: +feedly / / +Tagboard  / +BuzzSumo / +Evernote / +Internet Marketing Ninjas / +Viraltag / +WooRank / +feedthebot / +Buffer / +Circloscope / +Hootsuite / / +IFTTT / +AWeber  / +Friends+Me / +Dribbble  / +Visually / +Piktochart / +Canva / +Piktochart / +Adobe / +Shutterstock / +Dropbox / +ThemeForest / +Elegant Themes

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Blogging as Curation: The Do's and Don'ts by +Langwitches 

Content curation: the process of collecting, organizing and sharing relevant content to your target audience.

We all know how important content curation is for your marketing strategy. But are you doing it right? Are you being useful? Are you creating value?

When content curation is done right, you can:
- become a trusted source of valuable information in your industry
- increase your brand visibility
- boost your SEO
- build authority in your niche

Here's how to effectively curate content and turn them into a useful content for your blog:

1. Find & Acquire
2. Select & Filter
3. Group, Organize & Arrange 
4. Editorialize, Contextualize & Annotate
5. Create, Present, Transform & Remix
6. Engage & Customize

1. Don’t simply copy and paste entire articles. Choose a small portion of original with link to original source.
2. Don't just randomly share. Always check the quality and relevance of the content.
3. Don't plagiarize. Give credit to the original creator.

Read here:
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#contentcuration   #contentmarketing   #bloggingtips  

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Your Cheatsheet For Writing Headlines by +Feldman Creative 

How do you get your headlines to inspire a click? Here's a cheat sheet that spells out 9 effective tips based on the word "HEADLINES."

View larger infographic here:
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3 No-Cost Content Marketing Tweaks That You Can Make Today by +Carly Stec 

Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers are now engaged in content marketing, and 82% of business intend on increasing their content marketing budgets in 2014?

With marketers taking such an aggressive approach to ramp up their efforts, YOU need to refocus your strategy or fall behind.

Check out these 3 simple content marketing tweaks that will help you boost your efforts without spending dime:

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#contentmarketing   #marketingtips   #contentstrategy  

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Fabulous Blogging is starting a series called the Quick 'n Dirty. It's a six question and answer type post that I've curated based on all the comments and queries I get about WordPress. If you'd like to have one of your questions featured, send me an email at

The full post today covers sitemaps, no follow tags, WordPress spacing, visitors vs. pageviews (and how to find them on Jetpack), custom email address setup, and global twitter tags on your sharing buttons.

The Post:
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#blogging #WordPress

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21 Seriously Annoying Blog Design Mistakes You Need To Fix Right Now

Do you remember the last time you’ve been to a blog and been extremely frustrated because you couldn't find the information you were looking for? Or you couldn't do what you were supposed to do because of how it was designed?

Not very pleasant, right?

How about the last time you checked the health of your blog? 

Keep in mind, no matter how awesome your content is, it’s useless if the design of your blog drives people nuts. Your visitors will simply give up and look for another website.

Here are some of the common reasons why your blog is still suffering from low traffic, poor engagement and high bounce rates despite the “awesome content” you have:

1. Your homepage looks confusing
2. Your main navigation bar is overcrowded with links
3. Your sidebar is overloaded with random widgets
4. Your theme doesn't speak to your target audience
5. Your color scheme hurts your audience's eyes
6. Your content is difficult to scan
7. You use about 15 different type of fonts
8. Your links don't look like links
9. Your social sharing buttons are nowhere to be found
10. Your social follow buttons are missing
11. You make it impossible to contact you
12. You're still using CAPTCHA codes or word verifications
13. Your search box is hiding
14. You don't care about the broken or outdated links on your site
15. You use low-quality images
16. You use super large and uncompressed images
17. You throw horrible pop-ups all over the place
18. You’re using flash
19. You auto-play music/video
20. Your blog can only be viewed in Internet Explorer
21. Your page is broken

For more details + resources:

For summary, please read the infographic below.

*YOUR TURN: What are your biggest pet peeves when it comes to blog design? Pop them in the comments below!*

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12 Social Media Shortcuts That Do More Harm Than Good by +Melonie Dodaro 

"Everybody likes a good shortcut but not all social media shortcuts are created equal. Social media automation tools have been getting a bad reputation over the years for taking the “social” out of social media and there are certain practices that are doing you more harm than you may realize."

Here’s a list of 12 social media shortcuts that cause more harm than good. Be sure to comment at the bottom with any additional suggestions you have.

1. Pre-Scheduling Posts For Real-Time Events
2. Auto-Replies or Auto-DMs on Twitter
3. Creating Fake Profiles To Increase Your “Engagement”
4. Using Hootsuite To Post The Same Message Across Multiple Networks
5. Sending LinkedIn Invites Without Personalizing
6. Auto-Posting Your Tweets To Facebook
7. Don’t Automatically Feed Your Blog Content To Social Media
8. Using A Simple Password For Your Social Logins
9. Buying Fake Likes or Fake Anything
10. Retweeting Is Your Primary Engagement Method on Twitter
11. Inviting EVERY Friend To Like Your Fan Page
12. Tagging Irrelevant People In Updates To Get More Reach

Read full details @

YOUR TURN: What's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to social media?

#socialmediamarketing   #socialmediastrategy   #socialmediatools  
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