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A Personal Approach to Commercial Printing.
A Personal Approach to Commercial Printing.

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How do they make Coke "red"?

There are a nearly a countless number of colors. However there are a limited amount of colors that can be printed. If you have ever picked a color on your computer and then have it change when you print it, you have experienced the challenge of making a…

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Long lasting, good looking menus , are just a sheet of laminate away.

When in the restaurant business, or any business really, making sure the things you spend hard earned money on last  is always the goal. For restaurants one of the most handled and abused items are menus. People drop, throw, and bend them. They get…

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How to get the brightest color for your printed images.

There are thousands of choices when it comes to paper. Paper varies in thickness, color, texture, and coatings. Coated paper is not made differently than any other paper. It is still wood fiber, but it has compounds added to the surface that changes how…

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The difference between ink and toner plays a role in how you laminate.

There are many different types of laminating material, but almost all of it is made to be used with items that are not printed digitally. If you use a standard laminating material on a digital print it will not adhere properly to the paper. This leads to…

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Don't fold against the grain.

Paper is made from wood; this isn’t breaking news, and like wood paper has a grain. The direction the grain runs plays a large roll when you are printing and folding paper. It is much easier, and cleaner to fold a piece of paper with the grain than it is…

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What does it mean when the say this is 70lb paper?

If you have ever dealt with a commercial printer there are always questions about what stock(paper) you are going to use. For most of us our knowledge of paper extends all the way to the white stuff we put in the printer. If fact there are thousands of…

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Avoid these mistakes when dealing with a commercial printer.

Mistakes happen. That is just a fact of life. But, avoiding as many as possible seems like the right thing to do. When it comes to printing, or more specifically, dealing with a commercial printer, mistakes are often made because most people don’t…

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Lean about waterproof paper.

Synthetic paper is an amazing product. It looks, feels, and prints like natural, wood fiber paper. But, because it is a man made petroleum based material, it is also water and tear resistant. Synthetic paper is a relatively new product, but there are some…

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Should you have a commercial printer do your small project?

Price will always be a large reason to make any decision, and printing is no exception. One of the ways you can get your costs down when using a commercial printer is to print in large volumes. Because the more you print the lower the cost per piece. But…

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Ever wonder how they print the images on billboards?

What is Large Format Printing? It is difficult to define exactly what constitutes large format printing, but for the most part if you need something that is more than 19″ in length or width, you will be in need of what is called large format printing.…
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