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As a kind of a pro-gun person myself, I'm fascinated by certain pro-gun people who use the Batman opening shootout to make a case for concealed carry laws to be opened, since obviously if everybody in that theatre was packing, nobody would have died because people could've been able to defend themselves. Why I'm not disgusted or angered, but just fascinated is the fact I can't fathom how in the fucking green and blue Earth can adult people be living in such a perfectly pure adolescent power fantasy totally removed from reality, and still be somehow functional humans apparently. I mean, wow, just wow.
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I mean, the amount of juvenile power fantasy and denial here, wow! You are seeing a film, suddenly there are shots fired and smoke, you panic and whip out your gun and see a... well, cinema full of people holding guns and panicking. Of course, in the minds of these muppets everybody would just form an orderly defensive line Because They Have Been Trained In A Gun Class or something similar equally idiotic.
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