I'm a sick SOB.

BetaNews' most notorious troll commenter, who has used so much foul language about me that Al Pacino in Scarface would blush, sent email yesterday. He's Apple fanatic extreme and has offended just about every reader while defending the company.

His attacks on me are offensive beyond description (you have to read them to see). But I don't take them personally. He's a loyal reader after all and I respect the passion. But others are offended, gravely, so I had to ban him more than few times (He's back now again with new identity.)

Anyway, in the email, he wrote about losing his iPhone 5, which Verizon wouldn't replace cheap. So he got mad and switched to T-Mobile with plan to buy Galaxy Note 2 and trade for iPhone 5. Instead, he liked the device and switched. So I said let's make it into a story for BetaNews.


In context of his passionate, unabashed Apple defense, switching to Note 2 says much about iPhone as a competitive product. 

By the way, as an author, he is very good to work with. 

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