While my daughter and friend have fun at Knotts Berry Farm, I'm hanging out here in Buena Park, Calif. For this trip, I brought the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, which I will use full time during August (that's right, from tomorrow). It's part of my "Going Google" experiment (http://www.betanews.com/joewilcox/article/Im-a-Google-geek-now/1310171691), which progresses quite well; I will write about it frequently during August.

I dragged my feet going Chromebook, waiting for Apple to release Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. I wanted to spend some quality time with the new operating system. There's nothing quality at all about my experience, which unexpectedly makes the switch easier. Two weeks after installing Lion, I still don't like it (http://www.betanews.com/joewilcox/article/Mac-OS-X-Lion-is-here-and-I-dont-like-it/1311181765).

Lion reminds me too much of switching to Windows Vista from XP--there are too many annoyances and compatibility problems. Some quirks: I get frequent permission errors accessing photos (seems like a problem when I exit, say, Preview without closing a photo first and reopen the app later); mail crashes every other day or so (compared to never before); WiFi range from the AirPort router to my apartment building's courtyard is one-third to one-half less compared to Snow Leopard or the Series 5 Chromebook; and many more gripes I'll save for later.

Suffice to say, Lion roared, and I ran to the safety of the Google OS laptop. My main gripe isn't connectivity--there's plenty to be found (I'm at Starbucks now)--but the infernal trackpad. Surely Google can do better. Trackpad performance went from terrible to passable on the Google Cr-48. It's still not good enough now on a shipping computer; Google needs to fix the problem with a software update.

Actually, I'm Mr. Android today. I also brought along the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (16GB WiFi) and Nexus S smartphone. That makes me Mr. Samsung, too, and there's something strangely appropriate. There must be a Korean community nearby the Starbucks, because the place is full of Korean young people.

As I reflect at the end of July, August is hopeful. About two weeks ago, I caught some Chinese fast food at Panda Express with my wife and daughter. There was no fortune in my fortune cookie. I joked: "I have no future". But then I decided it was my future to write. Today I ate at Panda again. My fortune: "Look to the next month for some pleasant surprises". May they be yours, too.
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