So Nokia World has come, and I'm looking for reaction.

My colleague Tim Conneally has news story and slideshow.

Bottom line: These new Nokias aren't coming this year to the United States. Europe will get them, at least. That means no big holiday bash here -- not that Nokia has much visibility.

Some people will complain the Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 Windows Phones are underpowered compared to iPhone 4S and Androids, like the Galaxy S II. I've been deprived using Windows Phone, so can't write from experience but users and carriers tell me that the software is light and fast on single-core chips.

What I find strange: Near as I can tell, there is no front-facing camera, a standard feature on Nokias going back years -- before most any phone from any other manufacturer. Would that bother you?

If you live in a region where the two Lumias will be available, will you buy and why?
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