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A 3rd Texas Spring Picture for my deprived Northern Friends
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Denise Anderson

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iPad now for Horses!  Apple's latest commercial  unveils the latest revolution in equine technology. #iPad #horses #humor #tech #parody
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Denise Anderson

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Did you know that stressed spelled backwards is desserts?
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wow, i genuinely have never spotted that before! 
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Denise Anderson

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Boy, did you go after the wrong car with occupants loaded and camera ready.... Say cheese!  The "look" they have is priceless....
Estos blogger voyeurs ya se pasan...
Es que no puedo robar un auto tranquilo....(?)

#Voyeur   #Blogger   #Internet   #Addic   #Cam   #Ooops   #Epic   #Fail   #cheers   #Photo   #Smile #Fans  
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Denise Anderson

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Don't I wish. . .
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Denise Anderson

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Hey folks, lets not forget what day today is..... April 4th is a very recognizable and special day to anyone who goes on the internet... 4.04 or 404...
Heh. Almost forgot what today was.
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Denise Anderson

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Lunchtime.... can you smell them? The best all Beef hotdogs in the world... Nathans or Hebrew National?
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Denise Anderson

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One stop shopping coming to Starbucks in both Colorado and Washington state! via @aayylmao
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Denise Anderson

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I meant to do that!
Ya la tengo, ya la tengo, es mía, mía mía.........!!!!! Ouch!
Es que picó demasiado alto....

#Ouch   #Casi   #Almost   #AgarraLaBolaChico   #CatchTheBall   #Fail   #Ooops   #Gif  
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New York City, NY
Greenwood Village, CO - Denver, CO - Irvine, CA - Ft. Walton Beach, FL - St. Thomas, VI - Stuggart, Germany - Okinawa, Japan - Ponce, PR - Newport Beach, CA - Los Angeles, CA - Sunset Beach, CA - Huntington Beach, CA - Gulf Shores, AL - Panama City, FL - Irving, TX -
I like to think of myself as an internet hitchhiker. Exploring new sites, technologies, gadgets, cities & cultures, art, and news for things of interest to me. It may sound exotic, but if the truth be known, I start out with one destination in mind and a couple of hours and links later I find myself looking at articles, photography, issues, and memes that make me want to laugh, cry, touch the heart (Awww's), scream, and even feel homicidal about and want to share.  I was always curious and good at fixing airplanes, vacuums, and radios and now computers.

Things I will post:

1. Cute animal pitures including CATS! I love all animals and am even a servant to 2 cats and 1 neurotic dachshund.
2. Technology and gadget news, but my love-hate relationship with Microsoft and Apple products may show through on my comments. (Note: After an AMA with Bill Gates you may discover my finding him a likeable guy)
3. Mobile telephony news, gadgets, and hacks. Yes, I am a proud droid owner and retired phreaker.
4. Favorite or upcoming movies I love. I'm not a chick-flick kinda girl and will fall asleep or become bored watching one. Give me a good sci-fi, feature creature, eat 'em up, disaster, espionage, horror, or action flick and I'm on it.
5. Football news and controversies but my allegiance lies with the Denver Broncos, UCLA Bruins, and Florida Gators.
6. Photography (mostly not my own) of places, destinations, plants, mother nature, and other random discoveries I like.
7. Cooking & recipes: My Pinterest will remain the best source for that due to the 1-click posting and it's there on my pad.
8. Current Events: Yep, I'm on the bandwagon if it's something I'm passionate about.
9. Aviation News: Private pilot since age 16.
10. Random discoveries

Things I will NOT post:
1. Animal cruelty
2. Porn
3. Murder & mayhem

In Conclusion:
Yes, I am old enough that my first 3 personal computers were a TRS 80, IBM XT, and IBM PS/2 while working and learning a Pick Microdata 3000, then advancing to a HP 3000 MPE/iX HP-UX system then a Cray X-MP. Sadly, it was those great years in the computing field where emulation software ruled alongside Compuserv, Aol, etc. and timesharing was the first cloud. I admit, sometimes I feel like I'm in the eye of a technology storm. It's coming in faster than I can prepare for it yet when it hits, I'm able to adapt and move on.
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Sold snow online from the 2003 St. Patrick's Day Blizzard!
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Ace Grooming is the best groomer in the Denver Tech Center offering first class services for reasonable prices. It’s a family owned, friendly, no frills type of place offering animal care and feeding in addition to grooming services. I have been using her services for over 15 years which includes two generations of dogs and cats for bathing and grooming services. In that time as owner of Baby’s Wonderful World of Dachshunds, I have referred numerous dog owners to Ace Grooming due to her knowledge of animal care and her gentleness with pets. I highly recommend Ace Grooming and Sara for her services, her facilities, reasonable prices, knowledge and caring. To my pets, Sara is the “Dog Groomer Whisperer” :) They are not initially overjoyed on getting the nail trim and bath, but once in the door and they see Sara their tails start to wag and after the purchase of a toy, all is forgiven. Both Baby and Rusty get the best care possible and I do not hesitate leaving them there to be groomed and treated right. I also bring Crystal (my long haired domestic cat) to get the “lion” cut/shave monthly in the summer.
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Yesterday morning my eye glasses broke in half. I was forced to wear some old contacts to make it through work but not a good solution. After visiting my optometrist I had a new pair ordered but would have to wait almost 10 days for them. Changing the lenses from the old frame was no problem but finding a temporary frame to put them in was. Received a referral to B & B who came highly recommended. Note: If you have steel frames they can repair or replace frame in minutes, if your frame is titanium it will be over a week to repair. My frames tested titanium so my only option was a new frame of which they had two to select from! It took minutes to replace and now have a backup pair for when the new frames come in. Service was fast, friendly & professional. Google maps place them in the same shopping center as 7-11. If you're going there you want the Iliff Center on the opposite side of the street from the 7-11.
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Quality: ExcellentAppeal: ExcellentService: Excellent
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