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Running Lego Mindstorms RIS 2.0 on newer windows
While getting my old Lego Mindstorms (an RCX 2.0 setup) set up for my little brother to play with, I learned some thigns about using it with newer versions of Windows (Windows 7 in my case). I found out here that there is a patch needed for the USB IR tower...

Now that Google has killed Bump, is there any good alternative?  It's 2015, people.  I'm tired of losing business cards.  Why isn't this built into the LinkedIn app?

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A Maven Plugin Developer's Thoughts on Gradle
Introduction I use both Gradle and Maven, and I maintain a plugin for working with Groovy ( GMavenPlus ). I thought this gave me a somewhat unique perspective. When I first heard about Gradle, I was fairly dubious. Maven had been around for about 6 years at...

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Forcing Windows 10 Upgrade
Want to get your free upgrade to Windows 10, but don't want to wait your turn? Run this reg file Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"AllowOSUpgrade"=dword:0x00000001 T...

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Custom configuration script ASTs
Nikolay Totomanov asked on the Groovy mailing list how one could add a default constructor (if it doesn't already exist) to all classes. I realized there were no examples on the internet (that I could find anyway) of How to pass parameters into an AST in a...

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Guava Hadoop Classpath Issue
Blogging this because it was slightly too large for a tweet.  If you've got a stacktrace like java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/google/common/io/LimitInputStream at org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.JobSubmitter.submitJobInternal( at org.a...

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For those using junit-hierarchicalcontextrunner getting an exception like java.lang.Exception: The inner class com.mycompany.SomeClassTest$InnerClass is not static.
at org.junit.runners.BlockJUnit4ClassRunner.validateNoNonStaticInnerClass(BlockJUnit4ClassR...

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Skype formatting
This seems to be nowhere documented, but here's some markup Skype recognizes.  An example of what you'd type is in gray , and what Skype would render is in blue . bold bold italic italic ~strikethrough~ strikethrough !!  preformatted (note the space aft...

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Preventing Chrome hijacks from coming back
It's easy enough to remove extensions in Chrome, but to prevent the really obnoxious ones from coming back again, look at paths in entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Google\Chrome\Extensions\ Basically anything in C:\Users\USERNAME\AppDat...
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