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Timber Floors Pty Ltd
Sydney's leading solid timber flooring and staircase Specialist
Sydney's leading solid timber flooring and staircase Specialist

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Staircase remodelling is an effective way to completely change the look of a home - pull up the old carpets and wrap the existing MDF, timber, ply or concrete steps with genuine solid Australian Hardwood treads and risers  for more information call us today on 02 9756 4242 or go to our website 
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What does tongue and groove mean? A solid timber floorboard has a protruding ‘tongue’ along one edge and a machined groove along the other so that each board fits into the adjoining board. The ends of boards can also be machined with a tongue and groove profile called ‘end matched’. End matched boards allow the end joint to occur randomly thus improving installation efficiency and resultant wastage of material.

Solid timber floorboards or Tongue and groove flooring are in their finished state 19mm thick and the secret nail profile is 80mm. T&G boards are generally laid over concrete slabs on timber battens or over timber sheet or strip flooring for first floor or renovations of existing floors.

T&G board profiles include secret-nail (80mm) and top nail or face-nail (85mm, 150mm) designs. Modern homes more often than not choose the secret nail profile (80mm), this provides a floor surface that is sleek and clean. Secret nailing describes fastening though the tongue of the board into the substrate. Each subsequent board then effectively conceals the nailed tongue of the proceeding board. The face of the board is left unblemished.

Top nailing or Face nailing describes driving nails through the top face of the board into the substructure, most older homes with Pine floors have this method. Where the floor is to be sanded and polished, the nails are punched below the board surface and the resulting hole is filled with a suitably coloured filler, however this can crumble over time and results in unsightly holes in the flooring.

Timber Floors Pty Ltd as the name suggests are flooring experts in Sydney call us today to discuss your flooring needs on 02 9756 4242 or


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Timber Floors Pty Ltd - Australian Hardwood Specialists. Supply and installation of solid tongue and groove timber flooring, staircases, panelling Sydney wide. Showroom and Warehouse 7 Jumal Place, Smithfield NSW 2164 Tel: 02 9756 4242. Quality that will stand the test of time - Where friends send friends!
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