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Wonderful news!!
Surquillo is a popular, mid-status district in Lima Peru, surrounded by the wealthiest districts inside Lima. However it's whom has given example to all of them about how to grow and develop according to new times, in relation to animal welfare: It's the first district in all Peru and in all Lima in banning dog-fighting, bull-fighting and cock fighting !!!! Just an amazing and excellent measure!!
In the article one, it states: It's categorically prohibited inside Surquillo district any act or event that promotes any dog-fighting, cock-fighting or bull-fighting.
I live in this district, and I feel proud of this measure and of my district.
They are several the actors that contributed to this success, I must mention the councilor Nelly Galarza, the organization Peru Antitaurino, the good will of the Major Huamaní and even me, my little bit of contribution from my humble site.
Here I'm submitting the copy of the original municipal ordinance, for you can check it.
Now, at last, I feel actually happy and satisfied through this fact. Although there are still left some pending facts to carry out. Like, for example, to tear down the shameful Plaza de Acho coliseum located in the center of Lima which only serves to torture some defenceless noble bulls. We will accomplish it shortly, for sure.
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This barbaric cruelty must stop now. I curse all those damned and crap people able to commit such brutality against animals. Animals have no wickedness inside as people do. I start hating human race, many are just garbage.

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Hi everybody!
2 Peruvian scientists won medals at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland a few days ago.

One is a physician who won a gold medal for his device that eases tracheotomy surgeries enormously. But the most astounding is the other: an engineer who won a bronze medal by his wonderful strength-multiplier system, being blind!!!!!!

By my own engineering studies and by checking his multiplier-system, I think it's an incredbile device!! not complex, not intricate but rather effective and not so expensive, adaptable to almost every real situation.

It's worth taking at look at them! ;)
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