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XOSP RL6.2, Armani...
Amazing performance and great battery life...
Thank You a lot +Nitinkumar Chobhe+Călin Neamţu

A highly satisfying update..
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Armani, XOSP6.2, XOSP Apps, 6.2...
Viper force closing (driver successfully installed, but when changed to Drawer view in Viper, app force closed)
Lockscreen blur not working

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Device: Redmi 1S (Armani)
XOSP S+ reborn Release 3, Revision 2 (08.02.2016)

My observations and experiences.
The two primary expectations of every user - Performance and Battery life.... The ROM meets the expectations excellently and scores well. No disappointment at all. Kudos! Thank you +Nitinkumar Chobhe​ +Călin Neamţu

1. Performs really good, smooth and snappy. After a clean flash of the ROM, initially above 450mb free Ram available..with usage gradually reduces to just above 400mb and stays at around 350mb (without any app running behind)

2. Excellent battery life. 5h on screen time with moderate use (using social networking apps, browsing, listening to music, some fb whatsapp and YouTube videos etc.,). No games, not much video calls (with them it may go down to 4 to 4.30 hours)

3. Sony apps are working flawlessly

4. Native Sony music app is good. But inbuilt V4A is not working even after installing busybox. Also editing song info is not functioning.

5. Camera -both primary and secondary works well. The front cam max resolution is only 1mp.

6. Notification heads up disabling doesn't work, notifications continue to heads up.

7. Also notifications ducks the media volume.

8. Google now (long press search assistant, now on tap) is not working (used to work in the First revision)
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வாழ்க்கை என்னும் வண்ண நுரை...
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ஷாவுங்கடா...!! உள்ளம் உருகிக் கரைய விரும்பினால் மட்டும் கேளுங்கள்..
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Darbar 2010, wah..wah..
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good expression @ 2.47 - 2.58
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