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+Chris Pirillo coming to Pitt!

So, I rooted my nexus 7. Is there an app, preferably a free app that will allow me to swipe away the soft keys/status bar? I know parandroid can do it, but I don't want to flash a whole custom rom just for that.

Is there any way to hide the soft keys on a nexus 7 without root?

Does anyone know how to hide the soft keys on a nexus 7 without root?

Hey guys. I got my nexus 7 fresh out of the box two days ago. To be honest, I'm disappointed. The drop off in screen quality from my gs3 is dramatic. I expected a drop, but it's not much better than my 500 dollar laptop screen. Second, the bezel is freaking massive. It wouldn't be so bad if the home and back buttons were on the bottom, but instead they hog precious screen space. My last complaint is that the aspect ratio is not 16 by 9, leading to letterboxing and more wasted screen space. I know the price is great but I hope these problems are fixed for the next model. Thoughts?

Has anyone here tried to use their smaller form factor tablets(i.e. nexus 7) as a phone? Would that be possible? I've seen youtube videos of people using it as a phone over wifi, would that work if you got one with a 4g data plan for when you're out and about? Kinda wish I'd thought of this BEFORE buying my gs3...
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