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10 Career Lessons from a Young Professional - 

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"Imagine if we, the American consumers, fought for justice as much as we fought for the last 'doorbuster' flatscreen?"  

I don't shop on Black Friday, and I definitely don't shop at Walmart.  I boycotted them when I was 17, and learned that they capped their minimum wage retail employees' hours at 35 hrs/week, so they would not have to provide healthcare for their employees.  Later I learned that they took out insurance policies on their employees so that in the event of a death, the company would be compensated for that loss. Knowing how they treat their suppliers and their employees (in addition to other shady business practices), it's infuriating to know that millions of Americans still shop at Walmart.  I would rather NOT have things than to have to buy those things at a place like Walmart.  And I actually don't own those things. I don't even own a television.

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There aren't enough hours in the day to keep up with all these social networks...

Google+ mobile app > Facebook mobile app

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I defended against a #zergrush on Google Search.

Oh, we have cover photos in Google+ now? (Facebook wannabe)

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We'll be streaming Networking Field Day 3 LIVE from the Spirent campus in Sunnyvale...starting at 1:30PM PDT. Watch at:

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Love this. Project management made easy.

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This must be shared.
Google+ traffic grew by 480% in one month, so press reports a 60% decline. Wait, what?!

Have you seen the stories lately that Google+ traffic dropped by 60%?

This figure represents not the decline of Google+, but the decline of newspaper trustworthiness. Here's what happened.

Google+ was invite only. On the day they opened the floodgates to the public, traffic immediately spiked by 1,200%. These new people were mostly enthusiastic new users. But a minority was tire-kickers who didn't stick around.

When the dust cleared, total traffic was nearly five times higher than before the doors opened. But the Sunday Mail reported it as a 60% drop from the peak on day one of public beta.

Their idiotic, misleading headline: "Traffic plunges for Google+ as 60% of users log off"

The accurate headline they should have used: "Traffic increases fivefold as Google+ opens to public"
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