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27April-19May Sofia (BG) - Lisboa (PT) 3116.33km
So, as the audience was not relevant to update this blog daily, I have decided to focus more on what matters (hang our with my hosts and prepare the daily journey). It was another trip to remember, wonderful soundtracks, shared stories, learned as well, los...

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2016-04-27 Sofia (BG) - Aleksinac (RS)
As per first day of the big exercising of the year, the start was really hard, feeling the heartbeat in my ears and getting tired quickly. Lucky most part of the road was downhill, however once there is opposite wind and road works which caused a flat tire ...

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2015-05-09 Alexandroupoli (GR) - Lyubmets (BG)
This day was full of Sun, some wind blowing North-east which was quite a good help in the final stage as I had planned to cycle until Dikaia, Greece, but on the following day had to catch the train in Plovdiv, so I made the most as possible on this day. The...

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2015-05-08 Kavala - Alexandroupoli (GR)
On this journey on which both cities are connected via the Greek national road 2, this one is not actually the shortest route to make, making some detours is actually the best option, starting for having much lesser traffic and on the other hand, there are ...

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2015-05-07 Thessaloniki - Kavala (GR)
 This day just had some little issue when leaving Thessaloniki which made me make some extra km and uphill, but other than that, once left the big city, was starting to be descending and mainly flat. The wind helped in most times, on some direction change, ...

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2015-05-05 Skopje (MK) - Thessaloniki (GR)
As this trip would be the longest one and also with later arrival than the usual due to the clock change in Greece, I have started the journey quite earlier. Leaving Skopje was quite fast and a good average, then had a mountain before reach Veles, then was ...

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2015-05-04 Kukes (AL) - (Kosovo) - Skopje (MK)
As I was curious in visit Kosovo and actually planing a stay in Pristina, I have decided to pass by there and see how things were over there. I have seen some military forces mainly from Austria and Switzerland, several work in progress in populated areas, ...

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2015-05-03 Puke - Kukes (AL)
Unlike the previous day, this one was with a very wonderful day! Also had a very interesting welcome and how i found accommodation in Puke! Moments before arrive to Puke, one man handed me over a flyer about his guest house and once I arrived to Puke I saw ...

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2015-05-02 Bar (ME) - Puke (AL)
As on the previous day I was not able to reach Shkoder at once, on this day leaving from Bar and be in Shkoder at lunch time, would be too short, so decided to move on on which the biggest population on my way would be Puke in Albania. Left Bar with rain al...

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2015-05-01 Dubrovnik (HR) - Bar (ME)
Actually on this day I was planning to go straight to Albania, but the huge amount of steep ascending and short descending sessions, made this trip to last longer than expected and also the view were simply outstanding! The weather was simply perfect! And m...
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