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Re flights climbed in the Health app, I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it has recorded a total of just 2 flights in the past month, which is odd since I have 2 flights of stairs just within my house and always carry my phone. In previous months it shows an average of about 1 per day, which is very inaccurate. It has never really worked well on other models, either, but the 7/7+ is supposed to have a special opening for the barometer where the headphone jack used to be. I always shrugged it off before, but I just got out of the hospital a month ago and need to keep track of my activity.

No 32 GB for Jet Black in the Apple Store. Was this mentioned in the event? I wonder why only this color starts at 128 GB. 

iOS 10 beta screenshots seem to be disabled on both my iPhone and iPad. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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Stardate apps for Android
As promised, here are some stardate apps and widgets. DashClock Stardate  Beni Encalada V1.2 Nov 19, 2013 (56615) This is an extension to DashClock Widget. It can display one of five types, with examples: The Original Series: 1163.28 ( The Nex...

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Android apps
In the past I've written about a lot of iOS apps. I did not write about Android apps simply because I didn't have an Android device. But I got a Motorola Moto G some time ago, so I might as well write about Android apps now. I noticed that there seems to be...

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Times on this site
Someone asked what decimal time format I prefer, so I figure it's time I explain again the ones used on this site. My default decimal time format is Modified Julian Dates . This combines the date and time into one number, is correlated to Universal Time (GM...

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I like to listen to podcasts, often while on road trips while others are listening to music on the car stereo. Five years ago I posted about some Bluetooth headphones . Since then I've tried various ones. Recently my wife bought me a S530. I must say that i...

What rumors do you think will come true today? New iPhone named SE? New iPad named Pro? New watch? New Milanese loop?

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Spring break
The vernal equinox arrives tonight at 04:29:51 UT (57467.18740). That's 9:30 pm on Saturday night here in California. It means that I am officially on Spring Break, so I'll have more time to post here for the next week, if I don't get called for jury duty. ...
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