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need a little help: Blood on the steel: You do not hesitate to bloody your weapons. When rolling for damage with a Melee attack, you may spend one
Momentum in order to add the Vicious 1 Quality to the weapon...

You MUST speend the momentum before rolling, right?

Need recomendation of a short adventure to play in one session for a event!

There is a giant grimore for shadows of the demon lord coming, lets make a lista do crazy traditions or ideias for existing traditions! Maybe +Robert Schwalb can find some usefull. Let me start

1) Eldritch Tradition: Give you and the enemies insanity, lots of tentacles and inominables stuffs
2) Expanded blood magic: I have a facination for blood magic since dragon age woould be cool to have it as a full tradition
3) Geomanci Tradition: Not like the elementals one, this tradition give you a TONS of spells ( maybe anytime you wold leran one you learn 2 geomancy spells) but to cast a spell the enemy ( or you in case of buffs) have to be in the right type of soil . Like final fantasy tatics ... love that game.
4) Plague Magic: Only debuffs and damage over rounds.... the power to rooten stuff and people
5) Give Time tradition a spell called "METEOR" that make a small meteor fall in the batlefield. ( Final Fantasy again xD) 

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Following Jargogle imagens, let me put some body horror demons ;) 

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So i made this for my players, its not finished, i want to make the back page a place to put all importante powers e magic with text.. but i will not have time for now, if anyone want here is the download link:

CORE: Make Mountains of the Dead, how it works? it only hits targets with Health 20 or less? it is not very useful at lvl 10....

Terrible beuty: Enchanted Ammunition, it will deal the attack normal damage + spell ?

You guys have played dragons dogma or shadow of the collosus? How would you handle a player that want to climb a big enemy ? 

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Made this combat player aids, its gonna be double side... i hope... Any tips? Modifications? mistakes?

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Made this to give to player when he has Fortune. If anyone want i can upload a print page with 6. its a very small card. 41x63 MM ( i belive)

[ Rules]  [ Terrible Beauty ] 

Nightstalker / Shadow Evasion: does this skill cancel the attack? or you can only move after the Attack is made and the dice is rolled.... 

Spellweaver /  Enchanted Ammunition: How much time the ammunition store the magic? all the day? it will still store after a rest?
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