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It is ridiculous U of Tampa would fire this man over this. Yes, he made a jarring statement. It was definitely appropriate for him to apologize. But he was not fired for the content of his tweet. He was fired because too many people became aware of the tweet. Therefore it generated too much bad publicity for their university. He is entitled to express his view. Firing decisions should not be governed purely by anxiety about a school's image.
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A: The immaculate, all-white gallery of US presidents has now been violated by that uppity man of color, Barack Obama!

B: How fucking tragic. And there's nothing we can do.

A: Au contraire, one weapon remains in our arsenal -- retroactive impeachment.

B: Yet before we can pursue that worthy aim, first we must find a shithead to create the very concept.
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A: I saw Donald Trump at one of his rallies, and he lumbered across the stage like a weird, orange-haired Frankenstein.

B: Guess that makes Melania "bride of Frankenstein." And what about Bannon, what's he?

A: Oh, he's just a piece of shit.
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A: Poor Anthony Scaramucci. He had to be the lone Italian-American on the White House staff.

B: Yes, but Scaramucci's fellow staff members tried to put him at ease by drinking large tumblers of Italian-style tomato sauce.

A: Silly! That was the blood of innocent people killed in US drone strikes.
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A: Bulletin! Donald Trump is afflicted with a medical condition that makes his balls swell to the size of cantaloupes.

B: That could be highly advantageous.

A: In what way?

B: Gives me a bigger target for when I kick that fucker in the nuts.
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A: Do you think the pardon of Joe Arpaio could broadcast a message across the land?

B: You mean, that it's OK to harass and persecute people of color?

A: Well, I was thinking, "Meet the Trump-Arpaio fuckhead dream team."
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A: Hey, I hear Trump just pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

B: Sheriff Joe? I thought he was a racist piece of shit.

A: Yes, he's exactly the type of person who DESERVES a pardon -- in Donald Trump's fuckhead world.
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After long hiatus and period of occultation, Jules' comic series is active online again.  New pages now appearing regularly on Jules' website (  New posts occurring Mondays & Fridays.
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Review of my latest comic book
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