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It looks like I missed the Bird Poker Theme, but I only got this guy a couple of hours ago. Anyone who knows Belted Kingfishers know how cagey they can be and they are usually laughing at you as they fly away.

Anyway, I saw this guy land in this tree near where I was. I followed a path "pretending" not to notice him until I was close. Then I turned, pointed my camera and fired. This is the third of three shots before he flew away. 

This time, though, he wasn't laughing at me because he knew I got him.

Belted Kingfisher
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great shot but wow what a lovely blue sky but it drags the eyes from seeing the bird as the main feature or maybe thats just me being so use to cloudy grey english weather :)
Great work Paul... as you say you here them laugh at us all of the time
This bird is also on my hit list!  I have yet to get close enough to get a good shot.
Good luck +Bob Rutan; they are tough to get and I was very lucky with this shot.
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