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Joshua Long commented on a video on YouTube.
Brilliant insights!
Goes right along with the wisdom from the book "Nurture Shock" that says to praise effort, not outcomes, or things they can't control.
Perfect timing as my 5 year old just started regressing with hitting after I gave him too much instruction.

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Solid insight on how Google is getting ready to leapfrog Apple in the phone capabilities space. 
It's a brilliant move.

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Pretty cool infographic tool and community.
These things are so powerful at communicating data.

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This is an impressive app to execute automated actions leveraging Drive!

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Coldplay album for $0.25 today!
Get it.

Just amazed at how badly our country needs Ron Paul running it. Wikipedia just shut down to protest SOPA since they know govt protection leads to censorship (aka China amd Egypt).
It's crazy how fascist our govt is now. 

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I'm sure many of you are tired of the political hype, but I just can't stop being inspired by Ron Paul and all that he stands for.
If you care about fixing the economy, getting out of all the wars we're in, and restoring our personal freedoms, then watch this video and see if you don't become a believer in his Revolution, too.
Romney and Gingrich are intelligent and could be effective, but Paul is the best chance at transforming our government and saving us from financial collapse.

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Want to find something and think Google is filtering it out since it's outside of your world?
Definitely filling a void Google has created.
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