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Melody Olson
I see beauty in every single day!
I see beauty in every single day!

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Yes, I use Essential Oils!
Yes, I use Essential Oils. Yes, you did read that right! I purchased a kit  & have been playing around with lots of recipes. Bath salts. Muscle rubs. Different diffuser blends. I am loving all things 'OILY' For real. I know crazy. Huh? I am diffusing at nig...

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Personal goals for 2017 I am a work in progress. This is always more evident at the beginning of a New Year! When I think of how I lived my previous year--- Thankfully, each day is a NEW day. Each day is a chance to begin again. A fresh start! Yes. How awes...

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Happy Valentine's Day 2017
May you feel loved today  and always.

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2017 Fitness Goals
Happy 2017! I can hardly believe we are already into our second day of 2017. Time just keeps on plugging away. It really does not stand still. Time marches on and doesn't care if you have things you wanted to do or places you wanted to see. It doesn't wait,...

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the path
the path is strewn with autumn colored leaves. wet from last night's rain; leaves lay, like a colorful, slippery carpet. I run along the path- feet hitting the trail in a rhythmic pattern, chest lifting as lungs fill with the cool fresh air- heart-beats kee...

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wind in the willows
the willow branches sway and blow haphazardly as fierce gusts of wind blast through the trees leaves and small limbs litter the ground and surrounding area as the wind continues to shake and bend the trees farm animals are hunkered down safely, in their bar...

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Fall. a blanket of colored leaves covers the ground the brisk breeze brushes against my skin the changing of seasons autumn colors cooler weather warm spicy drinks & sweaters Fall.

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pumpkin fill porches
Pumpkins fill porches cooler air brushes my skin warmer by the fire

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Autumn Haiku
Autumn A book in my hand tea and the crackling fireplace Signs that Fall is here Melody Olson

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outside on a walk leaves crackle under my feet squirrels gather their food
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