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Copyright Troll Viacom Is Copyright Infringer SUPREME!
A Video that I posted on YouTube LAST YEAR when Copyright Troll Supreme Viacom Filed its Appeal Against the Viacom v YouTube decision that "THEY LOST". I have over 50 more postings about Viacom's Copyright Antics Alone!
I guess Copyright Troll Viacom can BREAK ALL THE COPYRIGHTS THEY WANT! But will laughingly file fake copyright takedowns indiscriminately against everyday people! Wait until you see HOW many different postings like this! I have several thousand pages of Viacom's Skullduggery alone! Around the WORLD! And they sue YouTube!

Talk about Filthy Dirty Hands! Viacom owns a Site like YouTube called iFilm, like YouTube and not only did it abound in Piracy, It was filled with not only thousands of YouTube Partner Videos, but "Terms of Service" violation Embeds that Block YouTube Ads and Revenue for Partners and Link backs through Annotations!
*Steal OUR Videos,? Stupid CopyRight TROLL Viacom, MPAA Member through it's Paramount Pictures! In the Same Corporate Copyright Trolling Deathstar as CBS.
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