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+ Kandahar Journals documentary film Kickstarter Louie Palu Murray Brewster Devin Gallagher

NOW: Final 90 minutes to support the Kandahar Journals documentary film Kickstarter campaign by friends Louie Palu, Murray Brewster, and their colleague Devin Gallagher. The film is based on Louie's journals while he was covering the war in Afghanistan, and gives a largely ignored look at what happened there. Please lend your support however you can.

#KandaharJournals #documentary #film #Kickstarter #LouiePalu #MurrayBrewster #DevinGallagher

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+ TweetDeck security vulnerability Twitter

If you have a Twitter account and have ever used TweetDeck (even if you no longer do so):

1. Go to and revoke TweetDeck's account-access permission.

2. Change your password.

There is an unresolved security vulnerability in TweetDeck that apparently exists in multiple versions of the tool, not just the Chrome version as some have reported.

#TweetDeck #security #vulnerability #Twitter
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+ Edward Snowden askSnowden QandA NSA whistleblower live

NOW [3 p.m. / 1500 ET | 8 p.m. / 2000 GMT]:

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden answers questions at .

Ask questions on Twitter via the #asksnowden tag.

#Snowden #EdwardSnowden #askSnowden #NSA #whistleblower #QandA #live
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+ Dirty Wars Academy Awards Oscars documentary drones JSOC secret covert civilian deaths USA foreign policy Obama blowback

Dirty Wars made the Academy Awards short list for Documentary Feature.

See it:

Right now:

#DirtyWars #Dirty #Wars #AcademyAwards #OscarAwards #Academy #Oscar #Awards #nominee #nomination #documentary #drones #JSOC #secret #covert #civilian #deaths #USA #Obama   #foreignpolicy #foreign #policy   #blowback  
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+ Nelson Mandela Graca Machel Ottawa Canada September 24 1998 Saleem Khan

Remembering Mandela. This was one of the many photos I shot of Nelson Mandela during his visit to Canada in 1998 when I met him. It was among the last photos I shot on film.

Nelson Mandela and wife Graca Machel greet the crowd at the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights monument in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, September 24, 1998.

#Mandela #NelsonMandela #GracaMachel #Ottawa #Canada #September24 #24September1998 #SaleemKhan  
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+ infoactive live data visualization interactive infographics kickstarter personal

InfoActive, an interactive infographics startup I advise, launched a Kickstarter campaign this week. Back it:

#infoactive #data #visualization #dataviz #interactive   #infographics #kickstarter #personal  
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Saleem Khan

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+ Canada Day

The more I travel, and the more I see in countries near and far, the more I appreciate coming home every time.

I am constantly reminded of the many things that make this country great, particularly in conversations with ordinary people in foreign lands, in which their questions often begin: "Is it true that in Canada…?" Those questions end in many flattering descriptions of life here, and I feel proud to be able to confirm all of the good things that people have heard.

Canada Day is the perfect time to reflect on our good fortune to be Canadian, and all of the good things that are possible because of it. We truly have something great here. And if you're not Canadian, you can count yourself lucky to know one! 

A special greeting to all of those Canadians who find themselves away from home today. That you are out there somewhere seems like a natural outcome of being from what may be the most multicultural society in the world. 

Happy Canada Day, everyone.

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+ The day we fight back against mass surveillance media press freedom journalism source protection whistleblowers free expression NSA CSE CSEC GCHQ ASD GCSB spying civil rights liberties freedoms

Today, February 11, has been designated "the day we fight back" against mass surveillance by our governments and their secretive spy agencies.

This is a free expression issue as much as it is one of privacy, and has real implications for source protection and the freedom and ability of journalists to work in the public interest.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has published a brief history of surveillance of journalists and its use to undermine their work or even kill them. Although it largely focuses on actions by U.S. agencies, the incidents, issues and principles raised are not unique to that nation, and is well worth reading by journalists and citizens of any country:

Go to or or if you're in Canada, to learn more and take action.

#thedaywefightback #pressfreedom #mediafreedom #journalism #sourceprotection #whistleblowers   #freeexpression #NSA #CSE #CSEC #GCHQ #ASD #GCSB #stopNSA #stopCSEC #stopGCHQ #stopASD #stopGCSB #stopspyingonus
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+ Sochi Russia Olympics Vladimir Putin freedom of speech expression human civil rights journalists journalism Reporters Sans Frontieres RSF

Vladimir Putin's Russia is one of the greatest enemies of free speech and civil liberties in the world. The media is largely controlled by Putin and offers up virtually nonstop favourable coverage. Anyone who dares to question or criticize or illuminate wrongdoing faces consequences that range from threats and intimidation to censorship, imprisonment, and assassination.

As the eyes of the world turn to the Winter Olympics in Sochi this month, remember that the spectacle and sport came at a cost to many people whose names we will never know, and whose livelihoods and lives will remain under threat long after our enjoyment of the Olympics ends.

Reporters sans frontières / Reporters Without Borders / RSF is one of a handful of organizations that aims to defend journalists working in the public interest as they report the real news and truth about the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Defend independent journalists.

#Sochi #Russia #Olympics #VladimirPutin #Putin #freespeech #freedomofspeech #humanrights #civilrights #rights #journalists #journalism #ReportersWithoutBorders #ReportersSansFrontieres #RSF  
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Saleem Khan

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+ Canada science scientists labs environment oil minerals resource extraction facts truth freedom thought knowledge expression Conservative Stephen Harper culture war

NOW [9 p.m. ET / 2100 GMT -5] MUST WATCH: CBC's the fifth estate investigates Canada's muzzling of science and scientists under the government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives:

#Canada #science #scientists #labs #environment #oil #minerals #resource #extraction #facts #truth #freedom #thought #knowledge #expression #Conservative #StephenHarper #Harper #ideology #culturewar #culture #war  
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+ Gratitude Tea Toronto Sunday November 8 2013

Just two hours left to get your tickets to The Gratitude Tea, this Sunday in Toronto — a great way to show your appreciation for people who have made a difference in your life.

#GratitudeTea #Toronto #Sunday #November8 #Nov8 #8Nov2013  
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+ Knight News Challenge Health HLTHLNX journalism innovation mobile mhealth vote personal

I have a proposal in the Knight Foundation News Challenge: Health, and would appreciate a few quick clicks of your mouse to show your support for HLTHLNX, a tool to connect people to health information, resources and services irrespective of their socioeconomic level.

I have heard from some that it is not obvious how to vote for my proposal, so here are the steps, which take less than a minute to complete:

1. When you go to the project page, there should be a pink button on the right side of the page that says "Applaud this" or "Applaud." Click it.

A pop-up box will ask you to sign in, which you can do by clicking "Login with Facebook" (or by creating an account on the site, which will take another one or two minutes. If you choose this second option, after you create your account, skip ahead to Step 4.).

2. Click "Sign in with Facebook."

A popup window will appear: "Knight News Challenge will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list and email address."

3. Click "Okay."

The browser will take you back to the site's main page.

4. Go back in your browser window until you see my entry come up again,
OR enter "HLTHLNX" in the search box at the top right of the page and click on the title so you are on my project page.

5. Click the button that says "Applaud this" or "Applaud."

A window will pop up, reminding you of the competition's rules and terms. At the bottom of the window, it asks: "Do you wish to join this challenge?"

6. Click the "Join this challenge" button.

The "Applaud this" button on the project page will change to "Applauded."


#Knight #NewsChallenge #Health #HLTHLNX   #knc13 #journalism #innovation #mhealth #vote #personal  
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