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I'm looking for advice on POD publishing. I have a large number of books (dozens, hundreds if the price is right) that I need between 1 and 3 copies. I don't want proofs, I don't need ISBN numbers, I just want single copies of these books. 

There is a place near me that has an Espresso Book Machine, but they want a $90 set up fee per book, and then $30 per copy. I feel like the setup fee is ridiculous, and the per book price is more than 3x as much as I would like to pay. 

Does anyone have any experience in this, or a recommendation to make? 
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Lulu is the best option I've seen so far. Sadly, create space is complicated as all get out. 
blurb.com is another option with many different product choices. magcloud.com could be a possibility, too. They're more for magazine format, but could be used for books, depending on the length and design.
Blurb is one I had not heard of. I will look in to them.

I've heard very mixed reviews from lulu. Do any of you have personal experience with them?

Mag cloud is a company that I looked in to years ago. Iirc, they are an HP subsidiary, specializing in short run magazines at $25 each, or something like that. I just remember them being well outside my price range.

It's looking like lulu is my best option, but I'm still open to hearing more, and hearing about personal experiences.

Any smaller shops? Comic book houses? High quality DIY options?

What would it take to hack together an open source EBM clone?

I have a book on lulu and I have bought several books from them. Good quality all around. I also had 1 bad printing, the cover was printed crooked, and they replaced it with no fuss.
That is excellent to hear! Are they finicky about revisions? I might need five or six nooks that are near identical, with very minor changes. I guess I should contact them. 
I don't have any experience with revisions.

I am currently working with create space for a book. The proof came back super light on the blacks. (Like 60% black instead of 100% black.) (I made it the same way for a version that got printed at lulu which worked, and looked, great.) I don't find there requirements to be that different from other printers but the documentation of those requirements leaves much to be desired. I found the info needed in the forums not somewhere logical.
If I was looking to do something traditional with the books, I would probably go with create space. I've heard good things, when you egt through all the headaches. 

At this point, I'm going to try a couple of DIY methods that I've thought of in various caffeine induced fever dreams and I'm going to order from lulu, whichever ends up looking best I'll stick with. (but more suggestions are always welcome.) 
At work we generally kick people through colorhouse graphics. It might be worth taking a look.
Yeah they have some weird content restrictions so they may not work, if that doesn't work get in touch with me, we do a lot of this.
I just got a quote for larger orders from color house  and they are the most competitive company I've found for large print runs. I am very pleased to hear it. Anything over 100 copies and they are nearly impossible to beat. 

Not quite what I was looking for, but interesting none the less. 

Thanks for the info, and I'd appreciate it if you all keep the suggestions coming in. 
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