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We've designed a system called OpenNF that allows quick and safe reallocation of state across instances of a middlebox. We're delighted that OpenNF will appear at +Sigcomm 2014. h/t to Aaron Gember, +raajay viswanathan, +Chaithan M P, +Robert Grandl+Junaid Khalid and +Sourav Das

Check out the slides and code. Let us know if you are able to read a preprint and give us feedback. We've modified several middleboxes to support OpenNF, and built a couple interesting applications, including responsive middlebox load balancing and autoscaling. Our paper also describes other novel applications that can be built atop OpenNF (currently under development).

#sdn   #nfv   #middleboxes  

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Does Raspberry Pi support external hard disks. There has been no  explicit mention of it. Or does everything work out of SD cards ?
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