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I found the this piece really interesting. It talks about how the Germans are so protective over their on-line privacy. Politicians demanded that Google Maps have building numbers, people and car registrations blurred out of the street images. In Hamburg, Google had to notify neighbours before the street view car came to town "Oma und die Kinder - Better hide Googles in town!" It left the streets looking abandoned, the only living thing to be seen was a dog on a leash that appeared to be walking itself with no owner! The Germans even resorted to vandalism of these Google street view cars with a 70 year old man threatening the car with a garden pick . Just goes to show how far some people will go to keep their privacy off the internet. I wonder what these people post on Facebook or Google+? :L #ct231#litet
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Im really starting to get used google+ maybe even liking it more than facebook and twitter! Its a really good way to communicate with everyone in #CT231 and experiment communication with #litet. I think the google hangouts is really interesting allowing you to video call with up to 10 people at one time! Also the google sparks which allows you to recieve the latest information in relation to your personal interests. It is appealing to look at and is a great way collaborate with fellow students!
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