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Dan Bacon
Husband, Father, Gamer, Transformers Enthusiast
Husband, Father, Gamer, Transformers Enthusiast


Hey Gang,  Anyone playing Titansgrave have any idea how far apart Nestora, Karros, and Vorakis are from each other?  The map doesn't say and I can't find anything in the book either.  Thanks!

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Dan Bacon was out running. He tracked 12.29 mi in 2h:07m:56s.
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Here's my notes from our first night!  Took me a bit to get organized.  Been a busy week.  Next game is Monday 8/24.
Titansgrave Game Notes
Titansgrave Game Notes

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Nestora map ready for Monday night's game. Printed it from the maps PDF. Walgreens in MA was offering 50% off posters with an online code so i was able to get it 24×36 for only $15.

My first pass on an Animal Companion:

New Talent: Animal (or robot) Companion (requires Communications 1+ and Animal Handling Focus)
You have an Animal, Robot, or other companion that you can control. This bond goes far beyond simple training. This is an innate bond between the two of you. If your animal or robot is lost/killed/destroyed, it takes months to bond with a new animal in the same way.

Find a Monster or Animal that has stats available. If the animal is a monster, then scale the stats back to make it a "baby" version. If creating a robot, decide what stats you think make sense for your robot and create it to the proper scale. Your Companion can follow simple commands and will perform them to the best of its ability. In Combat, the Companion acts on your turn. The Companion has it's own minor action which it can use, but it must use your Major Action in combat.

Your Companion has grown/upgraded. Your Companion increased by 1 in 2 Stats, and gains 2 focuses. In Combat, When you or your Companion Stunt, the Lightning Attack Stunt can be split between you and your Companion. Seize Initiative Stunt costs 1 less.

If you have a Monster Companion it is now the fully grown version of the Monster. If you have a Robot or Animal, Increase 2 Stats by 1 each. You and your Companion now have a total mental link and can communicate directly mind to mind. In Combat, your Companion can now take it's own Major Action independent of you. The Companion still acts on your Initiative.

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Re-Skinned the Fantasy Age Sheet for Titan's Grave.  It's Form-Fillable.

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My Titansgrave dice have arrived! Players will use 2 black/gray/green and 1 bright green as the stunt die. First game is Monday night.

Loving the hell out of #titansgrave. Already been making a ton of add on rules and stuff for the game.  
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I reskinned Mike's Character sheet for Titansgrave.  Thanks, Mike for doing the heavy lifting.

First attempt at vehicles in Valkana

Motorcycles and other 1-2 person high speed vehicle:
Speed 20, HP 15, Def 11 (small craft with narrow profile), Armor 2
Highly agile: Penalties to sharp maneuvers (popping wheelies or making donuts) only apply when vehicle is going above Speed 16
Falling off Vehicle: Failure for losing a driving roll results in falling off the vehicle with 2d6 damage if the speed was faster than Speed 16.

Cars, Trucks, and other 2-6 person vehicles:
Speed 20, HP 25, Def 10 (medium sized vehicle), Armor 3

Options For Vehicles
Armored Vehicle +1 Armor for -2 Speed
Large Vehicle + 5 HP for -1 Def
Weapons can be mounted to the vehicle directly for 2x Cost
Flight/Hover - Replace regular speed with fly/hover, DM should determine damage taken if crashed or falling off the vehicle in flight
Seaworthy - vehicle can travel over water
Submarine - Vehicle can go underwater for -5 speed

Vehicle Rule Options:

Targeting objects/people outside the vehicle
Targets unsecured and riding on the outside of the vehicle follow the regular rules for Mounted Combat

Targeting the Vehicle
The Vehicle can be attacked same as any monster/mount. The Knock Prone stunt can be used to force the driver to make a driving/piloting test to maintain control of the vehicle.
Once the vehicle has taken 1/2 it's HP or more in damage, the driver can be targeted.

When firing at a car/truck from outside, the driver and passengers can only be targeted directly if they can be easily seen from the outside. The Driver/Passenger has +2 Defense and the Armor of the vehicle adds to their personal armor.
If the Driver is hit by an attack, he/she must make a driving check to maintain control of the vehicle.
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